Highest roads of Mexico

Highest roads of Mexico

Located in the southern portion of North America, Mexico is a land of extremes. The country has a 9,330 kilometer coastline but is crossed by two mountain ranges known as Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental. The country has high mountains and deep canyons in the center of the country, sweeping deserts in the north, and dense rain forests in the south and east.

Highest mountain roads of Mexico:

Mountain pass Elevation State Surface
Pico de Orizaba 4.614m (15,137ft) Veracruz/Puebla Gravel
Sierra Negra 4.576m (15,013ft) Puebla Gravel
Piedra Grande hut 4.255m (13,959ft) Veracruz/Puebla Gravel
Nevado de Toluca 4.254m (13,956ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Cofre de Perote 4.160m (13,648ft) Veracruz Gravel
Altzomoni 4.027m (13,211ft) State of Mexico Gravel
La Joyita 4.009m (13,152ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Nevado de Colima 3.991m (13,093ft) Jalisco Gravel
La Joya hut  3.977m (13,047ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Albergue Tlamacas 3.962m (12,998ft) State of Mexico Asphalt
Jocotitlán 3.901m (12,798ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Cerro Potosí 3.721m (12,208ft)  Nuevo León Gravel
Paso de Cortés 3.692m (12,112ft) Mexico-Puebla Asphalt
Volcan El Muñeco 3.627m (11,899ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Carretera al Capulin 3.627m (11,899ft) State of Mexico Gravel
Xalatlaco-El Ajusco 3.622m (11,883ft) State of Mexico Asphalt
Cerro de la Viga 3.556m (11,666ft) Coahuila Gravel
Raíces 3.531m (11,919ft) State of Mexico Asphalt

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