5 Deadliest Roads in the US

5 Deadliest Roads in the US

Most roads that you meet on your way are safe and comfortable. Drivers from different countries are accustomed to road standards, which include quality road surfaces, speed cameras and radars, excellent lighting, road markings, and other features, which make every car trip more reliable than ever before. 

However, there are still roads that scare even experienced drivers. Unfortunately, even attempts to secure them could not fully protect drivers.

In the US, the top 5 deadliest roads include:

  • The James W. Dalton Highway in Alaska 
  • California State Route 138 
  • Interstate 15 in Nevada 
  • US Route 1 in Florida 
  • California State Route 99

The James W. Dalton Highway in Alaska 

The road is not a busy one, but it is one of the most dangerous highways in the world. The route runs north through the center of the Alaskan desert and ends on the North coast at Prudhoe Bay.  Some sections of the highway are not paved, and others suffer from avalanches regularly. The route has four hundred miles, but there are only a few gas stations along. Fans of the reality show Ice Road Truckers have definitely heard of the Dalton Highway because it is one of the favorite routes for the participants of the show.

California State Route 138 

Local drivers call the route “Death Highway” and “Death Road” borrowing these names from Bolivians and their famous North Yungas Route. Road 138 branches from Interstate 15 and runs to Palmdale. Earlier, the highway caused 10 deaths per year and multiple injuries. Though, today, it has wider lines and offers better visibility, so the risk has decreased, although only slightly. 

Interstate 15 in Nevada 

The location of the highway makes it so dangerous. The route runs through the middle of the desert. There are no communications and gas stations. Therefore, your must-have there is a full tank of fuel and a water canister.  Moreover, the route is quite busy (8 million people per year). So, common causes of accidents are drunk driving, driving under the influence of psychotropic substances, and neglect of seat belts.  

US Route 1 in Florida 

The dangerous highway runs through the East coast of Florida and leads to the Key West. The highway is the only major expressway route, which connects the archipelago with the rest of the state. So, the road traffic is high inasmuch as there is a high flow of locals, tourists, and truckers.  

California State Route 99

The highway is located right in the middle of the California Central Valley. The road provides access to the largest cities in the state, including Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno, so it is always very busy. What is more, the highway is popular among truckers who go to the Pacific North-West.  

Remember that the properly selected vehicle can save your life when you drive on a dangerous road. If you know that your car is not appropriate for the trip, it is reasonable to use the Payday Depot service and rent a reliable vehicle.

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