Is it Dangerous to Vape While Driving on the Road?

Is it Dangerous to Vape While Driving on the Road?

Vaping or using electronic cigarette is becoming a popular trend in different parts of the world. Some of the people that have been smoking traditional cigarettes for years are now switching to vaping.

There are also people taking up vaping as their first means of ingesting nicotine or marijuana into their systems. Although the debate on health implications of vaping in comparison to traditional smoking is still on, the popularity of e-cigarettes is on the rise.

Naturally, any vaper can easily be tempted to vape while driving on the road. But, is it safe to vape behind the wheels? Understandably, the urge to vape can strike anytime for a driver that uses electronic cigarettes. For instance, you could be riding in your car, listening to music when you see another driver smoke or vape. This can suddenly trigger your urge to vape. Consequently, you can be tempted to reach for your device and start vaping inside your car while driving. However, vaping while driving on the road is dangerous for various reasons.


If you decide to vape while driving on the road, you have to reach for your device and light it. This alone is an interruption just like texting or calling when driving. Perhaps, you have one of the most compact vaping devices in the market. As such, you can assume that traffic police won’t see your device and therefore not ask you to pull over. But, what happens if the interruption makes you cause an accident?

If the police arrive at the accident scene and notice that you were using the device while driving, you will be accused of reckless driving. This will attract penalties like fines, losing your driving license, or jail time.

Although some devices have built-in tanks, some have the drip-style models. These do not have a tank, and they require users to drip new e-juice into the wick regularly. This entails disassembling some parts of these devices. This is not recommended to do while driving on the road because you should have both hands on the wheel.

Impaired Judgment

Using vaping devices to ingest high number of nicotine can impair the driving and decision-making abilities of drivers. Introduction of a high amount of nicotine into the body can cause light-headedness and dizziness. Although this tends to pass within seconds, accidents happen within a blink of the eye. Thus, the light-headedness and dizziness caused by the nicotine in the inhaled vapor can make you cause an accident. So, if you must vape on the road, reduce the level of the nicotine you inhale.

Obstructed Windshield

Perhaps, you’ve read the best vape reviews and bought a device whose manufacturer claims it can help you hide vapor when vaping. Well, there are things you should know before you use your new device while driving. Every state has laws on windshield’s visibility and condition. These laws set windshields’ safety standards. For instance, these laws require every vehicle on the road to have working wipers. Therefore, before you ask whether vaping while driving on the road is dangerous, have this in mind.

When you vape while driving, vapor can occupy your vehicle’s interior and obstruct your view through the windshield. Anything that obstructs the driver’s view can be considered a violation. Therefore, cloud chasing to a level where vapor obstructs your vision while driving on the road can be treated as a violation. Although no driver has been given a vaping and driving ticket, the broad discretion of law enforcement can be used to give you a ticket for vaping while driving.

Getting Hurt

Vaping while driving on the road is particularly dangerous for drivers with cheap vapes. That’s because the device can drip and even leak e-juice onto the driver. When this happens, the driver can easily get hurt because they won’t be able to do anything since they have to keep driving. And if you run out of e-juice, you may need your both hands to add it. This can expose you to more danger because you need to drive with at least one of your hands.

Vaping around Children is Illegal

Most states in the United States have laws that prohibit vaping around children. That means these laws prohibit vaping while driving on the road with children inside the car. For instance, it’s illegal to vape or smoke in a car with a minor in California. The law that regulates traditional smoking includes different types of vapes in the same category as tobacco products. Federal laws regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration describes vape pens and electronic cigarettes as well as other devices for vaping as electronic nicotine delivery systems. According to the FDA, electronic nicotine delivery systems are non-combustible tobacco products. As such, the laws that regulate tobacco products apply to electronic nicotine delivery systems.

So, just as it is prohibited to smoke in a car with minors, it is illegal to vape in a vehicle with minors. That’s because smoking ban includes vaping in most states in America.

Vape Responsibly

To avoid the dangers of vaping while driving, vape responsibly. Even if you have the best vape with you in the vehicle, don’t use it while driving. If the urge to vape strikes, look for a place where vaping or smoking is allowed and pull over. Take a few minutes to vape before you proceed with your journey. Also, remember that vaping regulations and laws are always changing. Therefore, stay updated on where you are allowed to vape and where it’s illegal to light up an e-cigarette. In places like the UK, you can be fined and even lose your driving license for vaping while driving on the road. Therefore, be smart and use common sense.

The Bottom Line

It’s dangerous to vape while driving on the road. That’s because even the best vape in the market produces vapor that can obstruct your vision. If you vape while driving, you increase your risk of visual disruption, mental disruption, and physical disruption. Thus, you can easily crash or cause an accident. Vaping while driving on the road is engaging in an activity that takes at least one of your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road. This increases the possibility of causing an accident, injuring, or killing yourself or somebody else. 

NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.