Best SUV's for Most dangerous roads

Best SUV's for Most dangerous roads

The real adventure lies in driving on those dangerous roads. If you love driving on those off-beat unpaved roads where few dare to drive, well, you need to take a good look at your SUV. 

After all, not every SUV can handle those rough and dangerous roads where the pavement ends. What you need is a durable vehicle with great off-road prowess to excel on challenging terrain. And if you are short of cash to buy one of those pokerfaced SUVs, then log on to to get fast and easy loan.

Here are some of those SUV’s that are made for the dangerous roads.

Ford F-150 Raptor - Featuring many attributes of desert racing trucks, the SUV enjoys a dedicated “off-road” setting. What makes it most comfortable to drive on rough roads is the Raptor’s suspension and new advanced technology. Now you can drive on those unpaved rocky roads with confidence.

GMC Sierra AT4 -Sierra AT4 with no chrome accents is one of the more capable off-road SUV’s. Well equipped with all-terrain tires, four-wheel drive and skid plates, it is indeed a lot more capable off-road vehicle. MultiPro Tailgate with an elaborate double-hinge six-position, a big 15-inch version and a clever “Surround Vision” mode add to the capabilites of the SUV. 

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2- ZR2 is a mid-size pickup that have bene built for off-roading and dangerous roads, But the SUV can be driven on just about any kind of road. A unique suspension system developed with Multimatic and locking front and rear differentials make the rider feel more comfortable and confident on the rougher roads. Now you can look forward to great off-road prowess when driving a ZR2.

Hennessey Goliath 6x6 - Goliath 6x6 may look subdued but is the wildest creation of Texas-based Hennessey. Additional features and extras include axle, wheels, tires, and brakes, a lift kit and a supercharger. The 705-hp monstrosity brings you more power than you can handle and this is what allows it to excel on challenging terrain. You can clear just about any kind of obstacles on those rough and dangerous roads.

RAM 1500 Rebel & 2500 Power Wagon - Get ready for the smallest full-size trim package RAM 1500 truck. The Rebel has been redesigned and comes with a locking differential and tow hooks. You can drive the massive Power Wagon to traverse uneven terrain, thanks to the long suspension travel and rugged and aggressive tires. Take advantage of the sophisticated traction management system that keep you going on rougher roads.

Mercedes-Benz G550 – G550 is only bigger and more refined than its predecessors. It is 5 inches broader than before and comes with a more rounded new front fascia. You do not fail to notice the details like the boxy turn signals and external door hinges in the classic G- Wagen. Thanks to innovative suspension and driving modes , you feel more confident in the new off-road-capable vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser -Toyota Land Cruiser is no doubt one of the most expensive off-road SUVs and is marketed as a luxury SUV for the dangerous roads. The one locking differential, four-wheel drive and a drive mode selector certainly makes the new model more noteworthy one. The long-travel suspension with luxurious interiors indeed make it one of the best new SUVs that provide both power and luxury.​

Ram Power Wagon - Ram 2500 is equipped with 33-inch tires and covered in stickers and badges. Inspired by same 410-hp 6.4-liter V-8, the Power Wagon has shorter 4.10 gears and comes with Bilstein shock. The big brute can scramble up rough terrain with confidence and power, thanks to the locking system of both front and rear differentials. You can get more suspension articulation when the going gets tough on the road and disconnect the front sway bar in the big truck.

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