Highest Death Tolls Motorists Should Not Become a Part of

Speed thrills. We all know the next part. Most people who might argue on this would probably talk about how the thrill is worth it. Yes, it is. If you’re searching for dangerous roads and extreme adventure that pushes you the edge of your existence, you’re okay for the thrill.

Highest Death Tolls Motorists Should Not Become a Part of

However, what we need to understand is that there is a difference between taking a risk and handing yourself over to death. You are taking a risk going to the wildest jungles; you’re handing yourself over to death if you’re lying in a pit of cobras for a selfie. Similarly, there are a few things you should be aware of when on some of the deadliest roads in the world.

Making Sure You Understand the Risks:

Most people might prefer not to but give this a read anyway. We are not talking about measuring how well your chances of survival are.We’re talking about making sure that if you survive, you don’t end up losing everything. Because for any motorist or adventurist, that’s the worst possible outcome. Lots of people use examples of accidents and situations that ended up giving someone a disability in their speeches to discourage adventures and thrills. They do have a point, even if you disagree with them. You should wear helmets and knee pads, fellow daredevils. You don’t want to be disabled for life.

Top Death Tolls to Know Of:

If you take a look at the world’s rankings, you will find Brazil with a massive number of death tolls in the latest year. The figures went above 46 thousand. Some of the nastiest accidents ever taken place in America have rounded to about 30 thousand a year. There is a connection to these death tolls. More specifically, the Pan American Highway leading to Argentina. The road is around 19000 miles and has much traffic on it daily. Making it a worthy adversary for any motorist with an intention to get crazy.
Australia’s Highway 1, has a million travelers using the highway in a single day. Making it all the more plausible to believe that the death toll is around at least 1000 in Australia and most of the accidents are on that particular highway.
Nothing but Thailand comes close to the death toll in Nigeria that rounds about to almost 15 people daily. The startling statistical report is accurate because of the road conditions of the country. The potholes and the eroded roads make up for about 16% of the global death tolls related to road traffic.
Thailand is supposedly the worst country to be traveling by road in. With the given statistics of the death tolls happening daily on the streets of Thailand, you can be certain that the death toll was higher than 460 on just the New Year’s week. Make sure you are not falling for the worst possible death you can ask for and travel at 80 miles an hour on these roads.

Making sure you are smart enough to enjoy the thrill ride and live to tell the tale is the best possible outcome for any motorist. Make sure you have all the necessary tools of the trade and for your safety and keep backups like first aid kits if you need to treat something. A lot of people lose their cellphones when on the road. Keep apps to track cell phones and your vehicles, along with a sane mind to keep track of yourself.
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