Top 4 Mechanical Issues That Could Lead to a Car Accident

Top 4 Mechanical Issues That Could Lead to a Car Accident

It’s certainly true that unsafe driving leads to many car accidents. However, sometimes there are mechanical problems from neglecting to maintain a vehicle or faulty auto parts that can be the cause.

Mechanical problems could play a role in your Colorado car accident. If it is found that a mechanical failure was the cause of your crash, then other parties will be liable for your injuries.

Operating a vehicle requires proper care behind the wheel. It also means that every driver should be vigilant about maintaining the vehicles they drive. Here are the top four mechanical issues that are the underlying cause behind these types of accidents.

1. Tires

Faulty tires top the list of mechanical issues that cause car accidents. Tires that are worn are more likely to slip on the road. This can also hinder stopping in time, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Additionally, blowouts may occur when a tire is underinflated, worn, or punctured by debris in the road.

2. Brakes

When brakes are not properly cared for, they can keep a driver from slowing down or stopping in time. This will usually result in a rear-end collision. Faulty or worn brake lines, a malfunction in the antilock brake system (ABS), or worn brake pads and discs are the most common culprits.

3. Suspension and Steering

If steering or suspension fails, it can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. This is even more catastrophic at higher speeds. These problems are very hard to spot right after a collision, though they must be looked into to determine if they were the primary cause for the accident.

4. Non-functional Lights

Both headlights and taillights should be functioning properly to make cars visible at night and during bad weather. If any of these lights are faulty, a driver may not see other motorists, and likewise, other motorists may not see them, leading to tragedy.

What You Should Do If You Suspect Mechanical Issues in an Accident

According to personal injury attorney Dale Casares, any victim of a car accident should find out the cause of the crash as well as all liable parties. It must be determined in order to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages.

It can be challenging to find out if a crash was due to a mechanical failure or played a role in the accident. More than one party may share the blame in this event. This may include another driver if they operated the vehicle in an unsafe manner or failed to properly maintain it. It could also include a repair facility if they didn’t properly repair or install a part, causing it to malfunction, or the manufacturer of the part or the vehicle itself. This is why working with an experienced car accident attorney is instrumental and getting to the root cause of the accident and finding who’s liable to get the compensation you deserve.

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