Car Modifications That Make Driving More Dangerous

Car Modifications That Make Driving More Dangerous

Driving is about so much more than just the act of getting from point A to point B. People have been using vehicles as status symbols, entertainment, and many other things from inception. A car is an important part of so many people’s lives and personalities. It also means that they alter the way it looks and operates to cater to their specific tastes. 

Doing such things is not always the smartest decision. People don’t always understand that driving is not a game. It is a serious responsibility that requires knowledge of the road and a keen awareness of when accessorizing goes too far. 

Adding enormous tires to your pickup may look cool, but does it make the rig harder to steer and control? Does tinting windows increase insurance? The dark shade on the glass may make you feel confident while strolling down the highway, but insurance companies may worry that you won’t be able to see the road. 

We’ll talk about the many different ways that car modifications can make driving more dangerous and even more expensive. What can you do to make your vehicle stand out, while also abiding by the law and keeping yourself out of harm’s way? 

Car Color

You may decide a few years after buying your car that you no longer like the color that came from the manufacturer. Gray and silver can be a little boring, right? We all want to cruise down a beautiful road in a gorgeous car, right? 

There is nothing inherently dangerous about getting a striking paint job for your car. Bright red, yellow, or green is always an eye-catcher. But this is also a problem to be seen at all times.

People on the road could be distracted by your beautiful paint job on your car. This could lead to them driving in a distracted manner, and potential accidents are more likely to occur. 

Police also notice these absurd colors, especially red, a lot more often than the drab ones. This means you could get a ticket for a small inconvenience, or even something bigger like speeding, when they would normally overlook you, intentionally or otherwise. 

This could also make your insurance rates go up, even without a violation. Agents will notice the color of the vehicle and flag it as a potential threat to more claims filed. They would view you as a risky driver compared to someone who won’t be pulled over by the authorities as often. 

The way you can solve this issue while still getting a cool makeover for your sports car is to drive more skillfully than ever before. Be aware of all of the bad habits you did in the past, and do your best to improve. 

Tinting Windows

Tinting your windows darker shades or hues presents both benefits and drawbacks. They can be both visually impressive and useful for safety. This is because many states have so much bright sunshine that it can be difficult to see the road. Tinting your windows may prevent you from crashing into something because you can’t see the road. 

There is a limit to how dark the windows should be. When they start getting too dark, they can hinder your vision. The shade becomes too much and it is just as hard to see the road as when it was bright. 

You can even get a ticket for having windows that are too dark, the same way you might get a speeding warning ticket. For example, California law states that 70% of sunlight must pass through the windows. Look into the laws in your state to make sure your tinted windows are both attractive and practical. 

As far as insurance goes, most companies will not charge you extra for premiums if you have tinted windows unless you have gotten into an accident due to the window’s qualities hindering your sight. 

They may not completely pay for your claim because it is something you could have prevented by either not purchasing them or replacing them when you realized they were too dark.

Installing Large Tires

Big wheels are the ultimate sign that you have swagger when you hit the road. They make you a bigger deal to those around you, both literally and symbolically. They also present a lot of problems for your safety. 

Imagine trying to drive down Iron Mountain Road with oversized tires. This road in South Dakota has over 300 curves. You would need a set of tires that can respond to your abilities at a moment’s notice. You need to trust that your wheels will get you exactly where you want them to go. This makes them just as important as brakes.

It’s just not smart to mess with your wheels. They have a huge impact on your ability to drive your car safely. They obviously have a large aesthetic appeal to them, and that is why people modify them so often. 

If you are so concerned with making your vehicle more attractive, try to think of accessories that have nothing to do with the function of the car. Do things that are purely superficial. What could those things be, though? How about a spoiler?

Putting on Spoilers and Other Safe Accessories

Spoilers are modifications that usually go on the backs of vehicles. They attach to the car and add a more sporty look to a variety of cars. They don’t have any dangerous qualities to them, and can in fact make the car drive smoother. This is because they propel the airflow more smoothly at the rear of the car. This improves handle and maneuverability. 

If you enjoy music, maybe a quality stereo system will add to your driving experience. Tunes are the best way to connect driving to our emotional cores and our memories. Spending so much time in the car will make you want to tie it to a soundtrack. It’s also safe because it doesn’t affect the performance of the car. 

It’s okay to want your vehicle to look awesome. We’re in them so often that it would be strange to not enjoy their look, feel, and characteristics. Cars are like clothes in this way. They are attached to us and give us confidence. They deliver the main purpose, which is getting to our destination, but they also help define the journey of getting there. 

As long as you think about the consequences of buying accessories, and you verify how they affect your safety, there is no shame in adding fun features to your car. Like anything in life, it’s all about doing things in moderation.


Shawn Laib writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, He wants to help people explore the options they have for safely enhancing their driving experience.

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