TOP 3 extreme roads in the USA

TOP 3 extreme roads in the USA

In the USA, people really carefully monitor the coverage on roads of any level, preventing accidents. However, this mainly concerns toll highways, while many free ones become heroes of anti-ratings in terms of the number of car accidents. For example, in 2018, the death rate on America's roads surpassed that of the entire previous decade.

Many people romanticize the danger of extreme roads, and therefore on Instagram you can find many accounts with photos of bright sunsets or thundery days on highways. The authors of such profiles do not even need to buy Instagram likes to get a huge amount of rave reviews for such photos. This is obvious because people are always attracted to danger.

1. Route I-26, South Carolina

The construction of the route began in 1957, and almost immediately after the opening, it began to provoke 2 accidents every month, taking a human life with it in every second. From 2000 to 2010 alone, she took 325 people who died in 286 car accidents.

What is so terrible about this outwardly unremarkable road that it causes twice as many deaths as any other, even more crowded route? Due to the specifics of the area, deep ravines and ditches lie on both sides of this road, while the roadway does not have a single protective fence. Thus, any dangerous maneuver, a trip during bad weather or a novice's negligence, and the car ends up in a ditch, from which not everyone gets out.

2. Highway 2, Montana

The beautiful mountainous state of Montana, replete with rock masses, impenetrable forests, rivers and plains, is infamous for the highest death rate on the roads, including on Highway 2.

Despite the fact that this road ranks only second in our ranking, you can most often find it in the accounts of photographers who strive to take beautiful pictures. If you want to get great feedback without the need to buy likes on Instagram, then you should come here to replenish your gallery with pictures of mountain and forest landscapes. But be careful!

This freeway is laid on the most remote corners of the state, moving from the plains to extreme mountain serpentine, and then entering the forest thickets.

Since the state is one of the least populated in America, rare motorists do not limit themselves in speed, trying to overcome the picturesque but dangerous route as soon as possible.

However, they forget that in the event of an accident, which is most often the fault of a driver who has lost control on turns, the ambulance crew will need at least an hour and a half to drive to the hospital in this deserted region. And therefore, desperate motorists have very few chances of salvation.

3. I-95, East Coast

America's longest highway unites 15 states and crosses the country from north to south. This is a high-speed highway where there is no slow-moving traffic, and the speed limit is determined by the authorities of a particular state. Stops on it are prohibited and are allowed only in exceptional cases at special sites, including observation sites, equipped in especially picturesque places.

Due to the shoulder width of only one meter, even emergency stops in the event of a car breakdown are technically impossible. And therefore, going on a trip along this route, the driver must be confident in his vehicle.

The highest speeds, the specifics of the design of the highway itself, as well as the weather conditions of the East Coast of the United States make this road extremely dangerous.

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