What are the different types of car accidents?

Car accidents are an everyday hazard, every now and then we hear about some car accident on the highway or local city street. Well, car accidents can occur due to several factors such as the negligence of the driver, lack of attention, disregard for safety, or speeding.

What are the different types of car accidents?

The impact of a car accident can be traumatic. It can affect one physically as well as emotionally. The victim may find it difficult to regain their normal state, and medical expenses may take a toll on their finances. Seeking guidance from a pedestrian accident attorney can make a significant difference. Whether it's filing a lawsuit or navigating through claim and insurance formalities, a professional can provide essential support. If you've been involved in a pedestrian accident, an attorney with expertise in such cases can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Moreover, every collision or accident is unique but understanding the same can help you to plan your action and move ahead.

Here are some various types of common car accidents

Rear-end collisions:

When a driver doesn't keep enough space between two vehicles there are major chances that the rear vehicle driver will have a lack of time and space to react to the brake to avoid the collision of vehicles. A rear vehicle drive may also cause a crash by speeding the vehicle and driving too close. A collision may occur if the vehicle driver stopped suddenly without a traffic signal or reversed without any signal. The injuries in case of rear-end collision can be minor or major. The gamut of injuries depends upon the speed of the vehicle. The injuries in case of rear-end collision can be major even if the driver is driving at a low speed.

Head-on Collisions

One of the riskiest types of car accidents is a head-on collision. When two vehicles moving towards each other crash, it is a head-on collision. The impact of this type of collision is extreme. It can lead to severe injuries and death. There are various causes of head-on collisions such as reckless driving, speed driving, tired driving, and distraction while driving.

Side impact collisions

This type of car accident happens when one vehicle is moving in one direction and another vehicle is at a perpendicular angle but the vehicles form a T when they collide. The side-impact collisions are dangerous for the occupants in the car. The impact of a side collision can be grave. Moreover, the side of the vehicle has less mass to absorb as compared to the front and rear end hence, the chances of vital injuries in case of side-impact collisions are high.

Sideswipe accident

Sideswipe accidents take place when two vehicles are moving parallelly to each other and one vehicle strikes the other one. One of the common causes of a sideswipe accident is the inability of the driver to check the blind spots before changing or merging lanes. The sideswipe vehicle accident has an impact on both the vehicles. The driver may lose control and careen off the road or may go into another lane or traffic causing more collisions.

Single Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accidents generally take place when drivers strike something in their paths like an animal, debris, obstacle, or cargo. The injury in the case of single-vehicle accidents depends upon the speed and control of the driver. The vehicle may roll over or fall in case of a single-vehicle accident. Some common causes of single-vehicle accidents include negligence of the driver, drinking and driving, poor weather conditions, improper road zones, animals on the road,

Blindspot accidents

Before changing or merging lanes the driver must check for the blind spot to avoid a collision. But some drivers fail to follow this rule. They simply go ahead and try to change their lane in this process they collide with the other vehicles.

Merging accidents

When a driver tries to merge in a crowded lane an accident may take Especially if the driver is new and inexperienced. The main cause of merging accidents is the inability to check the blind spot, speeding vehicles, or reckless driving. Personal injuries in case of a merging accident can be serious.

The bottom line

Car accidents are of several types. They are categorized based on the pattern of the collision. To avoid a car accident and fatal injuries to self and others, one must always be agile and follow the given traffic rules at all times. Abiding by the rules and practicing thoughtful driving can help to reduce the number of car accidents.