Small Tips To Help You Never Lose Your Car Keys

You are all set for a long romantic drive with your partner. The music has been picked and. the mood is set. The only thing remaining is to get into the car and away you go. But that’s when you come across your first roadblock. You can’t find your car keys!

Small Tips To Help You Never Lose Your Car Keys

You search high and low but no keys are in sight. It’s enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. Whether you are going on a romantic long drive or are late for an appointment, not being able to find your car keys can be very frustrating. We have a few simple tips to make sure you never lose your car keys again.

Keep a Spare Set

Keeping a spare set of keys will ensure that you always have an extra set just in case you lose the first one. It can be kept in a safe place, but make sure you put it in its original place after using it. Otherwise, you might end up losing the spare set, and then there’s nothing you can do. You might want to keep a spare set with a friend, just in case.

Designate a Regular Spot

Always keep your keys in the same place, whether it is in the drawer, a special key holder hanging on the wall, a dish on the side table, or a magnet that is attached to the light switch or the door. This way, you know exactly where to look for them. In case there are other members of the family who also use the car, make it clear to them that the keys have to be placed in their original place after use. 

Use the Right Purse

You may feel that using a big purse is convenient as you can fit in many things. But the bigger the purse, the messier it gets and the more difficult it is to look for anything in it. You’ll find that a convenient-sized purse will make the task of finding your keys when you’re out and about so much easier. And if you need to use a bigger size, then make sure that it has pockets that you can use to exclusively keep your keys there every time.

Use Digital Tracking

There are many ways in which you can track your car keys digitally. They can actually be connected to your phone through Bluetooth. In the event of dropping your key fob or damaging it, there are quick fixes where you can replace the battery. The information found at gives a lot of importance to tracking devices and how to replace key batteries. A special device called a car key tracker is also available which helps you easily track the keys and is also not very expensive.

Use Glow Paint

The use of neon glow paint which shines in the night will make the car keys visible in any situation, especially at night. You can either paint your keys with a special paint that glows in the dark or use a key chain that has a neon color effect.

Use of Sticky Notes Or Set Reminders

Whenever you are organizing an important event or there’s something important in the office, you make a checklist. Forgetful people can use the same trick to remember where they have kept the car keys. You can use sticky notes or make a note of it on your phone and set a reminder to notify you with the location of the car keys written on it.

Link them to Something Important

Mnemonics are an easy way to remember things. Linking something you don’t want to forget to important things will help organize things in your mind and give you easy access to whatever you might forget otherwise. There are many things that you can’t do without when you go out. Your driving license, your credit cards, and your cell phone are a few. Chaining the car keys to any of these is a sure-shot way of not losing them.

Get Rid of Clutter

People tend to amass a lot of unnecessary things just because they have taken a fancy to them. It only adds to the clutter in the house. The more the clutter, the more difficult it is to find anything. Keeping a neat and clean house with the minimum of things required makes it easier for you to locate things and not lose them.

Losing your car keys is not as simple as the loss of a pen or a notebook. It also brings the risk of having your car stolen. Using these tips you can ensure that your keys are safe and so is your car. Along with that you will never miss out on a romantic long drive or arrive late for a meeting. Even if after taking all these precautions, you do end up losing your car keys, notify the police and change the car lock. Till then, happy driving!!!