Semi Truck vs Motorcycle Accident Advice

Safety should be the number one concern for motorcyclists whenever they hit the road. It is more important than arriving at your destination. Many bikers have realized this, and some have come up with initiatives to promote safety for bikers.

Semi Truck vs Motorcycle Accident Advice

But there are occasions when the worst could happen. Something could go wrong, and a motorcyclist could crash into another vehicle or vice versa. The odds are often against the motorcyclist. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to avoid serious injury and get the correct compensation.

This article considers a case scenario of a semi-truck vs motorcycle accident. Read on and get tips to keep you alive and rightfully compensated.

Tips on Protecting Yourself From Devastating Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are not the same as car or semi-truck accidents. For starters, there is no metallic body surrounding the driver. Motorcycles also do not have safety features like airbags and safety belts. The probability of life-threatening injuries or fatality is much higher.

A car crash with a bike is dangerous. But when a 30,000lb semi-truck collides with a biker, the risks are higher. But by taking the following steps, a rider can mitigate the risk of injury or fatality if the worst happens:

  • Ensure the bike does not have any mechanical issues. Be sure to take the bike for regular maintenance and inspection. Everything should be working flawlessly.
  • Ensure you are always in the correct safety gear. Always have your helmet on, the proper footwear, eye protection, and all other recommended motorcyclists' safety wear whenever you hit the road.
  • Observe traffic rules like speed limits at all times. They are meant for your safety, not just for sanity on the roads.
  • Wear bright-colored clothes to improve your visibility to other motorists. This is such a simple step to take that many people forget.
  • Avoid riding during bad weather like storms or when visibility is low. Be sure to download a trustworthy weather app and plan ahead.
  • Ride when you are alert. Avoid riding continuously for more than three hours and take sufficient breaks. Do not ride when you are tired, dizzy, or lightheaded.
  • Sign up for a motorcycle rider safety course. You could get tips on how to maneuver your body or fall during an accident to minimize the risk of injury.

Handling the Accident Aftermath

In a semi-truck vs motorcycle accident, the odds are significantly against the rider. Not only would you be at a higher risk of life-threatening or fatal injury, but the truck party would likely want to claim the accident is your fault.

The benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer are numerous, so you should reach out and get help from an experienced personal injury or truck accident attorney and Include the contact information of your accident lawyer with other emergency information on you whenever you hit the road.

Here are some tips to help you begin the compensation claim processing on the right track:

  • If you can, get to safety and call an ambulance. Be sure you are far enough away from any danger.
  • Try to document the scene. Take photos of the vehicles involved, collect witnesses' contact information, and record any identifying information on the semi-truck.
  • Exchange information with the semi-truck driver and with the police. But, do not discuss fault with anyone, even the police. Just share the facts about the accident as you see them.
  • Get in touch with your accident attorney as soon as possible. Time is of the essence because determining the legal responsibility of a semi-truck vs motorcycle accident can be complex.

The truck carrier will probably have their accident experts on the scene shortly after the accident. Their job would be to try and blame you as they absolve their driver of any wrong, thus avoiding liability.

Common Defenses by Truck Carriers

In a motorcycle vs semi-truck accident, the motorcyclist could get seriously injured and be fatal. As such, compensation claims are often high - an expense the carrier or their insurer would like to avoid. Truck drivers will usually always have competent truck insurance, but in their defense, trucking companies could present the following arguments:

Sudden Emergency

If a rider made a sudden stop and the driver tried to make an emergency stop, they could swing the judgment. But they must show a reasonable response. The truck must have swerved, pulled over, and waited for emergency responders. Nevertheless, a sudden emergency is often inadmissible and only accepted in cases involving cyclists or pedestrians jaywalking.

Comparative Fault

Most road accidents have multiple causes, and the carriers could try and use this to spread the blame to the rider. For example, if the biker was at a higher speed, they could claim an accident where the truck made a wrong turn, was due to the bike’s high speed. But such arguments must first be legally admissible then convincing to the jurors. A good truck accident attorney can quash it.

Motorcycle Prejudice

Many people believe that motorcyclists are a bad breed. Carrier insurers will often try to paint a bad picture and paint the victim as one of the reckless, risk-taking thugs. Often this argument is backed up by the rider’s driving records. But it can be deconstructed by an experienced truck accident attorney with your help. Observe traffic rules and keep a clean driving record as much as you can. One day it could be of invaluable help.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Semi-truck vs motorcycle accidents happen often. In many cases, insurers representing truck carriers try to blame riders. They could claim the rider was on a “blindside” of the semi-truck and shift the blame. But an experienced truck accident attorney can help you look beyond the obvious and get the proper compensation. Some of the evidence the attorney would check are:

  • Driver logbook. They would check for indicators like violations of hours of service.
  • Proof of driver fatigue.
  • Driver qualification and training to determine drive error.
  • If the carrier took part through negligent hiring and training
  • Records showing the driver’s DUI cases
  • Trucks maintenance record
  • Information about the shipment like bills of lading, weight checks, and load securement,

Avoid Liability and Get Protected

Semi-truck vs motorcycle accidents often lean against the motorcyclist. The above tips will help you mitigate fatal or life-threatening injuries. It is crucial to have an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. They will help counter attempts by the truck's insurers to avoid liability and apply their skill and resources in proving your claim.