How to move your motorcycle across the country? Tips & tricks!

If you are relocating to another state or country, whatever is the reason, bringing your motorcycle along can be a tough ordeal. You cannot just ride the bike and enjoy the painful journey to the new location miles away. But, taking your bike along is also important as it will help you commute easily and freely in the new city/ state.

How to move your motorcycle across the country? Tips & tricks!

If you are worried about how you are going to move your motorcycle to the remote land, you will be excited to know that the best motorcycle shipping companies have amazing ways to help you out. Yes, moving a motorcycle with the help of a professional company saves you a lot of money, efforts and peace of mind. Here is what the experts have to say about safely moving a motorcycle during long distance relocation:

Check for the options available:

Whether you are hiring a professional motorcycle relocation company or practicing a DIY move, make sure you check all the available options. if you choose to haul the bike, you will need special equipment and knowing which one would be the best is very important to ensure safety and ease.

If, on the other hand, you choose to engage professional motorcycle moving companies, you must ensure that the company is credible and offer you budget friendly services. When moving a bike, compromising on the quality of services to get cheap rates might be a big concern and a potential risk to the safety of your vehicle.

Check for motorcycle moving services online and compare the prices and quality of services to secure the best deal.

Maintain a record of the bike's condition:

Even if you have hired the most reputed motorcycle mover, you need to make a record of the bike's condition before you hand it over to the movers. take ample pictures of the bike from every angle. Record any pre-existing damage including marks, dents, scuffs or any other kind of structural damage.

This documented information will help you file a claim in case of an accident and damage to the bike during the transportation process. This will be your weapon against any scam which a moving company might play to get rid of the refund for the damages.

Reach out to the experts in advance:

It is recommended that you reach out to the moving companies in advance if you are willing to engage in professional motorcycle moving services. it is important because the moving company might need to install additional accessories or equipment to your bike for easy transportation. Also, at times, motorcycle moving companies may have limited availability of rig and hence advance booking is required to ensure you move on the due date.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to transport a motorbike and if you do not get the booking done in time, you may get the vehicle either too early or too late. If this is part of a larger move you should check with your long distance moving company and see if they are able to move your bike as part of their package or if you will have to look elsewhere.

Check the entire fluid profile of your bike:

From leaks to availability of required fluids, make sure the entire fluid profile of your motorcycle is up to date. Filling liquids to the top is important when you are relocating the vehicle to a different climate as the level of the fluid may differ from climate change. This means that a half filled tank might not be able to help you ride the bike for a long distance.

Similarly, make sure you check if there is any leakage to avoid any future problems with the bike and its performance.

Inspect the vehicle as you take the handover:

When the vehicle has reached the station or on your doorstep for delivery, make sure you inspect it thoroughly for any type of damage. ignite the engine and take a ride to find out the operational status. Also, match the current condition with the pictures you have to identify any damage during the transit.

It is also important that you check the fuel tank for the level of gas and compare it with the level when you handed over the bike. Please note that there might be some difference in the level, which is acceptable.

When you are transporting a bike, make sure you engage a professional moving company only. With experts, you do not have to worry about the safe transition of the vehicle as they have the best gear and knowledge about transporting the vehicle. Nowadays, many people prefer renting a moving truck and load their motorcycle in it along with other household items. You can also choose this way but only if you have the required equipment and knowledge to execute such a move and vehicle transport.