Types of Houston Auto Injury Lawsuits

Types of Houston Auto Injury Lawsuits

Car accidents are one of the most unfortunate facts of life in the city of Houston as well as in the state of Texas. According to the state’s statistics, a motor vehicle accident happens every 59 seconds in 2017, which sums up to 254,000 auto-related injuries in the state that year.

These numbers make for an alarming rate, as many often result in death, permanent disability or serious injuries. If you are involved in an accident as a victim of the circumstance you must make a claim to help you in your recovery, physically among other things in your life.
Many of these accidents are often caused by negligence by one of the drivers involved. It is a fact that a motorcyclist is most vulnerable when there is a collision between them and other vehicles. They don’t have the protection of a car’s frame nor its seatbelt and airbags. When you’re from the city and you had an accident, a good and reliable Houston motorcycle attorney can give you a better chance of recovering damages that you may have suffered. Vehicular lawsuit is just one type of Personal Injury lawsuits and it is advisable to get a representation that specializes in this type of case.

Here are some of the causes of vehicular accidents, if you or your family have suffered due to one of these reasons then you can enlist the help of legal professionals to receive compensation:

1.    Intoxicated Drivers

40% of vehicular fatalities are caused by driving under the influence. The driver may have his faculties inhibited and may affect his control. The state of Texas has higher drunk driving incidents than the national average.

2.    Distracted Drivers

Drivers can be on their phones or computers and won’t be able to have full attention on the road. These can hinder their vision and can cause them to miss some indicators like a motorcycle on their right-hand side. Distracted drivers comprise 20% of crashes so the state is enforcing strict measures to curtail untoward occurrences.

3.    Overspeeding

When you’re driving too fast, you can have limited control of your vehicle and this will cause you to crash or hit another vehicle. It is also difficult to see road signs when and other hazards when you’re going at top speeds.

4.    Negligent Behaviors

It is important to understand that negligence on the part of the driver that causes harm or injury to others must be held accountable. Not observing simple safety measures like signaling and other road signs can be catastrophic to other drivers.

If you have suffered any motor accidents, you should make sure to get yourself examined and treated by medical professionals. Also, don’t admit to your fault to the police or the other parties. You are not sure of how everything happened that may have triggered your reaction. Only give your information and let your legal representative handle the details. You will also have to avoid being too friendly to insurance adjusters. They might be phishing for some information that will cause you to lose coverage. They represent the insurance company and its interests. All of these things can be overwhelming and it might dishearten you to pursue some compensation. However, a competent legal representative will help you navigate through the intricate details and will be there for your interests.

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