Essential packing list for walks and hikes

Essential packing list for walks and hikes

If you’re the adventurous type that likes to go on long walks and hikes, it’s important to always prepare for the worst case scenario.

Whether there’s a chance you will get utterly lost and have to sleep rough for the night, or you run into some unexpected obstacles, it’s good to always be prepared.

Phone charger

Your phone charger should always be with you. In the age of phones competing to be as slim as possible, battery life has taken a back seat in developments. If you unexpectedly have a change of plans, such as staying round a friends or kipping the night in a hotel, you’ll be mighty thankful if you remembered to bring your charger, as you can be sure no smart phone lasts two days.


Whether you’re going hiking, travelling or just to school, you should always have a snack in case you forgot to bring money or there’s no food for sale. Ideally, with one eye on the worst case scenario of getting lost and going hungry, you should be taking a high protein, calorie dense snacks such as flapjack, nuts or a protein bar. This will give you the most energy relative to its size. For a bite to look forward to, why not try some snacks from around the world?

Waterproof anorak

This is a great piece of clothing to always have with you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. There are some circumstances when it’s not necessary (if you’re in LA during the summer), but nevertheless, it’s good practice to always keep one with you. Anorak’s are light, can be folded into a very small space, and can save you from a quick turn in the weather.

Medicine / first aid kit

When going hiking or travelling in general, there are many ways you could get injured. A first aid kit is good practice to always have on hand, particularly if you have allergies. If you’re just going to work or remaining in urban areas, a first aid kit may be unnecessary. However, painkillers should be on you at all times, as it really doesn’t take up much space, and can come in handy in the vital moments. Prescription drugs should also always be with you.

Multi-tool / knife 

If you’re planning to go off-track a little, there are many ways a multi-tool can come in handy. Most useful however, is a knife. This can be used to prepare food and fires, help cut some cord (i.e. hanging up your possessions when camping) and use for first aid products.


Likewise, it’s always good to keep glue on you when venturing off-track, which can be a quick help with simple tools. In particular, when camping you may get a tear in your tent, or your tools might break in half. Glue can be surprisingly handy in so many scenarios, and is one of the tools that is most often forgotten about.

Hiking backpack

One of the most important things is actually the backpack itself! What good is taking your phone charger if your backpack isn’t waterproof? It won’t last long. Your backpack should not only be robust in all weather, but it should be comfortable to wear all-day. Furthermore, it should be able to fit all of the above items in with ease, with a considerable amount of room left over for other purposeful items, such as camping gear, food, laptops and so on.

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