6 Best adventure parks in NYC that will give you an adrenaline rush

6 Best adventure parks in NYC that will give you an adrenaline rush

All adventurous parks are full of enjoyment and relaxation containing obstacle courses, rope climbing exercises, climbing walls, and ziplines. Mainly situated close to significant tourist destinations in amusement parks, club, and resorts, etc.

An excellent destination for all ages. Now mostly recreation-oriented adventure parks were developed. New York is full of grass with slide mountains, sand and water, ancient geometry, and underground tunnels. To visit an adventure park is the best way to enjoy the beauty of NYC. But prior to going anywhere, you should store all your luggage at nearby Luggage Storage NYC.This will help you roam around in NYC without any stress and worry.

Here are some names of the best adventure parks throughout the state.

1. Sky High Aerial Adventure Park, Ellicottville:

It is the largest park in New York State. The whole area is a 4-acre section of the woods. The best time is to rush out before the snowboarding season. You will find a platform connected by bridges consisting of just a few hanging chunks of woods across your path. Each course has one zipline. Height and weight measurement is a must. Must ride their mountain coaster and it rides down the mountain. Some rates are $62 for Aerial Park 3 hours with 1 Mountain Coaster Ride, $70 for Aerial Park 3 hours with Unlimited Mountain Coaster, $44 for Late Afternoon Climb, Aerial Park $56 for 3 hours. 

2. The Adventure Park Long Island, Wheatley Heights:

Here, it is an excellent refreshment for you for finding beautiful "aerial forest park" within seven acres of woodland. Stay here to experience "adventure in the trees." The age limit is seven to adult. You choose your adventure from 10 separate "trails" through the trees. Here is a unique challenge for each trip, like climbing a rope net or walking a balance beam across the series of platforms connected by ziplines, cables, and ropes. Picnic tables and fire pits are available. The entry ticket includes 3 hours of climbing with 40 minutes of the first orientation period. The maximum weight limit is 265 lbs. General Ticket rates are $57 for 12 to adult, $49 for ten to11 yrs, and $43 for 7–9 yrs. 

3. Mountain Ridge Adventure, Schenectady:

Here, some more adventurous members can test their limits by climbing and exciting experience through the Treetop Challenge Course, while others can enjoy a ride on the zipline. You have two hours to enjoy soaring above the 500 ft long gorge if you purchase zipline pass. Mountain Ridge has special “Zombie Zip Lining” every Friday and Saturday night in October for ages of minimum 14 or older for a thrilling adventure. The rates are $49.99 for Treetop Challenge Course Pass, $29.99 for Kids Treetop Challenge Course Pass (includes ziplining), $29.99 for Zip Line Park Pass. 

4. Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course, West Nyack:

The world’s tallest indoor ropes course is available here. You can hang out 85 feet up in the air. For little climbers, they have a designated “Sky Tykes” area. For physical fitness, 75 unique challenge levels are there. The rates are $19.99 for Children 4 to12 yrs and for 55+ or adults, $8.99 for Sky Tykes.

5. New York Zipline Canopy Tours,Hunter:

You can get the most mind-blowing views of the mountains by a large rope and zip line setup. Here is Summit SkyRider Tour, stretches a whopping 4.2 miles through the Catskills. It is the second-longest zip line throughout the world. Heights and speed lovers can go for the Adventure Tower Tour. Price varies by type of day and tour. 

6. Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course, Bolton Landing:

One of the earliest and broadest park. There are four, five, and six-course packages, offers an individual difficulty level. In six-course package 15 ziplines and 130 obstacles, including rope net, Tarzan swings, monkey bars, and a "Leap Of Faith." The whole package takes four and a half hours to complete. Kids of 6 years and above, can also take this ride along with a path below with parents to follow along. Prices are variable.


The adventure park uses safety technology. Fun and enjoyment is the key objective. Everyone, including parents, teachers, friends, can go and have peace of mind. Store your luggage in  Luggage Storage to make you go hands-free and experience all the exciting adventures. You are bound to have a blast
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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.