Best Roman Roads

Best Roman Roads

It’s been more than a thousand years but Roman imperialism and glory can still be witnessed throughout Europe. Huge constructions and architecture made by the Romans are appreciated by the whole world. But the most impressive things that the Roman’s made is the network of roads.

The roads constructed for the empire to expand cannot be compared with any others. They created a network of roads all across the empire. These roads were mainly made for the troops to move in and out from the empire but later it was also used for speedy communication and easy travelling.
If you ever visit Rome, taking a bike tour in Rome is a must. Cycling on those cobbled Roman roads with an expert local guide is quite an unmissable experience.

Roman Roads You Should Know About

Romans during their time of reign constructed as many roads as they could. Their network of roads is considered to be the finest network in the world. Some of the best Roman roads include.

Appian Way

This is probably the most famous road in the entire Rome. Build by Appius Claudius, the road connects Rome and Capua. It was constructed back in 312 BC. Just a few years before Clodius death, the road became the site of the crucifixion of the Spartacus’ followers.

Via Flaminia

Via Flaminia was built in 220 BC after the submission of the gallic tribes to Rome. The initiative of building this road was taken by censor Flaminius.

The Fosse Way

This is the longest Roman road in Britain which was constructed to connect Lincoln and Exeter. The significant of the road is that it marked the western border of the Roman Empire during the Iron Age. The road is as straight as an arrow. It is 182 miles long and is constructed in a perfectly straight line. This road actually holds true to the reputation of Roman roads. But the main problem is that it is no more a road. Today, it is nothing more than a path. If you happen to visit the place, you can take a long walk just like others do it. If you are thinking of taking your car, you should better ditch that idea.


This is one of the finest examples of Roman roads construction. Once this used to be a Roman road with a stunning view to offer. If you visit the medieval castle, you will realize why they name it as the Windsor of the North.

Watling Street

In a time, when most roads were nothing but dirty tracks, Romans mastered the art of constructing extraordinary roads. This is why many of the road names in Rome has the word ‘street’ in it. 
Watling Street is one of the streets in Roman that is quite popular. It linked Dover and Wales, a country that Romans could never conquer. Today, it is known to form the A2 from Dover to London.

Ermine Street, aka the Old North Road

This was one of the important roads for the Romans. Today, it links the A1 near Godmanchester but it originally ran all the way to York. The route travels through the Humber estuary. This means that the Romans made use of some sort of ferry in order to get across.
Over the years, the roads constructed by the Romans have been buried under the dirt. Many of them have also been swallowed by modern-day development. But even then the magnificence of their road construction is not forgotten. The entire empire was linked by various roads and streets. These are only a few of the names. You can read more on the web.

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