The Best Road Trip in the World – According to Science

The Best Road Trip in the World – According to Science

Have you ever wanted to travel cross-country? Do you think that it’s impossible to go on a road trip and see all the greatest landmarks in one go? Well, science will prove you wrong.

Tracy Staedter from Discovery News embarked on a journey to find the perfect route. Her goal was to discover the most efficient way of visiting all the states and famous landmarks. She teamed up with Dr. Randy Olson, who used an algorithm to generate the map. They incorporated multiple factors, including traffic logistics, alternate routes, and turns. Let’s learn more about their work.

How This Idea Came to Life

Dr. Randy Olsen wanted to create a data algorithm that would swiftly solve the puzzles from “Where’s Waldo” books. He used an optimal search strategy that takes the best solutions and compares it to all the other solutions. His strategy was a success. Little did he know that this seemingly silly project will help people travel more efficiently.
Impressed with his success, Discovery News asked Dr. Olsen to help them in creating the best road trip map. All he needed to do was to use his algorithm and calculate the perfect route.

What Makes this Road Trip Special?

This road trip combines the best of both worlds. It will take travelers all over the country with minimum travel time. It will also lead them to 50 famous landmarks in every state. Explorers can start in any state and keep going until they reach home again.
In ideal conditions, this road trip would take around 224 hours or 9.33 days of driving. That means that it will last for two to three months. Olsen also created a blog post that includes detailed Google Maps links for the route.
Some of the landmarks include the Hoover Dam, the Alamo, Glacier National Park, Abraham Lincoln’s home, Fox Theater, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon, Okefenokee Swamp Park, and many more.

5 Things to Do Before Embarking on This Journey

Only the bravest and the most adventurous will embark on this journey. However, it will be long and difficult. There are certain things all travelers must take care of before departure. Follow the tips below to ensure a safe voyage.

1. Install a VPN

VPN is a traveler’s best friend. There are many benefits to using a VPN during your travels:

  • Safely using public WiFi
  • Getting cheaper hotel deals
  • Accessing blocked web content

People often forget the dangers of using public WiFi. They are one of the most common causes of cyberattacks. When going on long road trips, using public WiFi is common. If you decided to connect to a public hotspot, you should first enable a VPN. That way, you will ensure your safety. VPN security download will allow you to connect safely.  Also, who doesn’t like cheaper hotel prices?

2. Stack Up on Food

Since this road trip takes a while to complete, travelers should make sure to have enough food onboard. Don’t count on shops and fast food parlors – they won’t always be around. Also, make sure to bring enough water. It’s important for drivers to take care of their well-being. They are not only responsible for themselves, but for everyone else who’s in their cars. It would be smart to choose healthy meal options, but snacks won’t hurt either.

3. Prepare Your Car

This is the most important point on the list. All vehicles must be thoroughly checked and prepared for long drives. Make sure to check the following:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Seat Belts
  • Tires
  • Spare Tires
  • Brakes
  • Lights and Signals

This should be taken care of at least a month in advance. Travelers should never avoid going through this step. Maintaining their cars will ensure their safety, but also the safety of everyone else in the car.

4.Take breaks

Taking breaks is essential during any long and exhausting journey. Drivers are humans, too. Long drives are very heavy on both the mind and the body. Make sure to make occasional stops to stretch, catch a breath of fresh air, or doze off for an hour or two.

5. Have a Designated Driver

There should always be at least two people with driving licenses when going on such long trips. Sometimes people get tired, and it’s the safest bet to have someone ready to replace them. That will significantly reduce the risk of traffic accidents and ensure a care-free trip. 
What are you waiting for? If you like adventure and aren’t afraid to embark on a long journey, then this route is perfect for you. It’s fun, convenient, and efficient. It also covers all the coolest places to visit. Start planning ahead and follow our tips to ensure safe travels. Bon voyage!

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