The Most Dangerous Routes in Europe You Need to Take for the View

There is nothing like a road trip when it comes to traveling Europe. You can explore the marvelous sights, visit new places, and enjoy wonderful views. Whether you prefer mountains, valleys, or cities, there are lots to unpack.

The Most Dangerous Routes in Europe You Need to Take for the View

Driving down Europe is a pleasant way to spend a vacation, especially if you are a confident driver. It takes time and requires preparation, like any adventure. But it is comparatively affordable and fun; that’s why a lot of young professionals and students love it. Of course, students have to tackle all their college tasks before heading out.

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Some of the most exciting views might be difficult to get to. There are dangerous roads out there one needs to be ready for. Yet, the scenery is so majestic that you would not want to miss it. Here are the top thrilling and dangerous routes to take for an unforgettable European trip.

Atlantic Road, Norway

It is one of the most dangerous roads in the world, especially on a rainy day. At the same time, it is one of the most exciting destinations to discover in Europe. Norway is famous for its astonishing natural views and unique flora and fauna.

The route is about 8 kilometers long. It takes you to the mainland through an archipelago in Møre og Romsdal county. It consists of several bridges going between small and larger islands. Besides that, the serpentine might take your breath away.

One of the trickiest parts is the bridge with a 300 meters rise. Many people call it “the bridge to nowhere” because, at some point, all you see is the sky ahead. It is a true one-of-a-kind experience.

The best season to head here is summer. In the winter, the route becomes even more hazardous. Yet, it is one of the best drives out there, so if you are confident behind the wheel, put it on your checklist.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Italian Alps is one of the popular destinations for all types of tourists, from families to student group vacations. There is something for everyone here.

Those who enjoy exciting and dangerous routes should consider taking Stelvio Pass. It has a zigzag layout that is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. There are several sharp turns to be aware of. The road follows uphill with mountain winds and astonishing views.

It is among the highest passes through the Alps. It is also known as the picturesque way to explore Italy.

Svalvogavegur Road, Iceland

If the original name is too hard to remember, you’d be glad to know that it is also called route 622. It takes about 46 kilometers through cliffs, mountains, and sea views. It is not for a novice in driving, as the route is rocky, dangerous, and, sometimes, muddy. One definitely needs to be confident in their skills to go here.

At the same time, the views here are stunning. A big chunk of the track is lower than sea level. There is not much traffic here, so you can enjoy solitude. But be aware that there might be no signal in some places, and there is not much around except for beautiful nature. So, travelers need to be self-sufficient. It means:

  • having enough petrol;
  • make sure your vehicle is ready for the track;
  • go out during day time in good weather;
  • take supplies and water with you;
  • take chargers and all the tools you might need.

And do not forget to take a camera with you – you’ll want to take pictures here. Finally, be aware that due to weather conditions, the road is closed from November to April.

The Transfagarasan, Romania

This one is not as dangerous as the previous one, yet wonderful. The road curls through the green Carpathian Mountains. It features sharp turns, exciting tunnels, and viaducts. There are various bridges and unexpected tracks.

It is a marvelous route of 90 kilometers that offers a unique opportunity to discover the nature of Romania. It was created in the 1970s as a strategic military road but was never used for this purpose. Now, it is an attraction for experienced travelers.

It is a windy track, the second highest in the country. And while you are here, you can visit such sights as Bâlea Lake and Bâlea Waterfall. However, keep in mind that it is closed from the end of October until June due to the snow.

Furka Pass, Switzerland

Do you remember a thrilling car chase from Goldfinger? This is where it was shot. Those who want to feel like James Bond might head to Switzerland and see the famous location for themselves.

Furka Pass goes through the Alps and offers astonishing mountain scenery. This is a winding road with sharp turns and various hairpin bends. As some tracks mentioned above, it is closed during the winter. But one can go here in summer when the weather is sunny and dry.

Whether you are traveling with college mates or solo, it is one of the most thrilling rides in Europe. But it suits experienced drivers.

Coastal Roads, Croatia

Croatia welcomes tourists all over the year, but the high season is in summer. It is famous for its picturesque beaches and amazing climate. Those who are up for a dangerous ride would love roads along the coastline here.

First of all, the scenery is breathtaking. Secondly, the routes require attention. They are quite narrow, and there are almost no barriers or safety shoulders. One might enjoy many turns or be cautious of blind corners.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

This route is not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the most hazardous ones in Europe, so if you are not confident in your driving, you better stay out of it. However, the scenery is majestic. That’s why many people are attracted here anyway.

It is a mountain road with little to no safety barriers. In the rain, it can be extremely slippery as well. There are numerous dangerous drops and sharp turns. Another factor to keep in mind is that only one-third of the drive is paved. There are about 20 kilometers of unpaved track. To add to the challenge, it is very narrow.

Yes, the view is one of a kind. But it is suitable only for experienced drivers with a strong hand.

In Summary

Europe has many amazing locations to visit and some thrilling roads to take. If you are a confident driver, it might be a perfect vacation idea for summer. But be sure to take all the safety measures and prepare for the trip with all the necessary tools and supplies.