Reasons for Students to Travel to Different Countries in Europe

We cannot deny the excitement of doing something different, whether trying out a new recipe, shopping for a new collection to add to your wardrobe, or even changing from one football club to another. It is a feeling like no other.

Reasons for Students to Travel to Different Countries in Europe

However, these examples are nothing compared to travelling from one country to another. There are different kinds of travellers. Some are professionals attending conferences to connect with people in their field, while others are entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses.

Many of these travellers are students searching for host countries to foster their educational ambitions. Where else can one get such an opportunity than Europe? The quality of education and life there is higher than in many other parts of the world. But everything comes at a price. Students there usually work and study. 

A survey was conducted on over 20,000 international students. It was one of the factors students considered before choosing to study aboard. From all of the data gathered, there was one striking discovery. It was discovered that students consider the country even before the university. Over time, many of them chose countries in Europe to study. 

Why Europe?

Why do the educational benefits of studying rank high on the scale of preference? Also, how can one get the best results in such high-standard schools? Many students apply to schools
in France not just because of their status. They do so because of their educational standards. Coming from a different country with a different educational system to study in colleges in
France can be overwhelming. There is just so much to adapt to as well as learn. One of the hurdles students face is the pressure of writing college essays to meet the standard of these schools. Therefore, free essay samples are needed to help international students adapt to the European standard, especially when it comes to writing college essays.
There are other reasons why France is their chosen destination. There is no doubt that European history is one to be interested in. It has diverse attractions. They include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Musuem, and Loire Valley. There is always somewhere to visit. Other reasons include travel connections, the proximity of the countries in Europe, and the easy adaptation of international students to the environment. 

France Educational System

France’s educational system is a public school system that is managed and overseen by the Ministry of National Education. The French schooling system is one of the most prestigious in the world and it has been ranked as the one of the best in Europe. They have highly irresistible educational benefits such as scholarships and lower tuition fees. Apart from all these perks, the most striking is its high educational grading standards for colleges.

This is regulated by the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcome Framework. The Teaching Excellence Framework assesses the quality of teaching in universities and colleges in France. This body
measures three different areas: the teaching quality, learning environment, students' outcomes, and their learning gain. There is a uniform standard for grading college papers and essays in every college or university.
​The French education system is made up of three stages: the preschool stage (maternelle), primary school (école primaire) and secondary school. The preschool stage is for children aged three to six, and it is not compulsory. Primary school lasts for six years, from the ages of six to twelve. Secondary school lasts for three years, from the ages of thirteen to sixteen. In France, children are required to attend 12 years of education before they can graduate from high school and go on to college or university. 

The Benefits of Studying in College in France

The student-teacher interaction is in such a way that accountability is key. For example, one of the tenets of the Teaching Excellence Framework is quality teaching. This includes making use of quality teaching methods to drive the required outcome. Most students in universities or colleges are required to write essays and publish research papers. They are required to do this according to a set standard, with the guidance of their teachers or lecturers.
A teacher's comment on student writing is required before their essays and research work can be accepted. This makes learning easy. Not only that, it spells good grades for the students. This is just one of the many measures that have been put in place by the REF to make students and teachers accountable. They also maintain the educational standards in colleges across Europe. 

The Cons of European Education

There are some hurdles international students face while studying in European countries. This is as a result of its really strict policy and standards. It is easy for students to change more than twice from one major to another in America. Choosing and sticking to a career path right from high school in the UK becomes the basis or foundation.

If you are going in for a Master's degree, one of your major areas of concern would be accommodation. This is because accommodation is often reserved for students who are there for the bachelor's degree program. This is because the undergrad students are usually more than the Master's students. Also, the cost of living is very high compared to other countries. Though the tuition fee is less, the living cost is rather on the high side. Most times, trying to get a work permit is difficult. This makes it somewhat difficult for international students to cope. In essence, immigration terms are the problem.

Things to Consider Before Taking Your First Trip to European Countries

It could be overwhelming choosing from a wide range of colleges. These are some essential things to consider before taking a trip to Europe as a student.

Firstly, make sure to do your research. It is important to find out as much information about where you are going. That has now been made easy. Different articles and research papers with loads of data have been published. They're made accessible on the internet for your consumption. You should find out the documents you need. Find out about the climate of the country you intend to travel to and be conversant with their cultures.

Furthermore, select the desired discipline, preferably one that is a popular discipline. That way, you can secure a job after graduation. It is important that you carefully select a specialization. Even if you are going in for a bachelor's or Master's degree, it is important to go to the best college to train students in that specialization. This gives you leverage.


People travel to countries in Europe for different reasons. Educational benefit still ranks top of the list for most international students. There have been different essays and research work on the benefits of studying in the UK. This and many other reasons have contributed to students' decisions over time in choosing to study in countries in Europe.