How to travel on a house on wheels?

Do you plan a trip and you don`t want to think about trains or plane tickets or booking a hotel? What to do if the weather suddenly goes bad. Just go traveling with your accommodation - in a house on wheels. What do such trips look like and what should be considered?

How to travel on a house on wheels?

How to travel on house on wheels

Fans of such holidays call them caravans or campervans. It is easy to cope with such a car, and what are the pros and cons of traveling.

It has everything: a kitchen, living room, bedroom and even a toilet with a shower. It's actually a smart apartment in which you can travel.

In Europe, the motorhome is called a caravan. And in North America they call it a camper. Only with several doors: you can enter here as in a car - in the driver's cabin, and as in a house - in the camper itself. As in every house, guests first enter the living room, which in the camper is combined with the kitchen. Here there is a soft nook (by the way, it can be unfolded and get an extra bed), a table, a stove, a refrigerator working from electricity or liquefied gas.

There is also a bedroom. In these houses everything is thought out in detail, so there is a separate double bed for parents and children. In every camper is sure to have a toilet and a shower. The toilet must be cleaned once every three days. The water from the toilet goes into a special bio-cassette, and when it fills up, an indicator goes off to show that it needs to be cleaned. You get the cassette and pour it out in the appropriate place.

The camper is designed for a full family vacation of five or six people. Such a pleasure is not cheap - € 70-80 thousand.

Tent - trailer

If you like the outdoors rest, you can buy a budget camper - a tent trailer. In five minutes this trailer can be turned into a tent the size of a smart apartment (18 sq. M). You just need to open it - and the kitchen module appears ready. Then lift the lid to the side - and the trailer opens into a tent with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. The kit includes everything you need.

How to rest in a house on wheels

The main requirements for camping are to have a flat surface, an opportunity to connect to the electricity, a place where you can get some water. You can find the addresses of campgrounds on the Internet. Seasoned travelers love this kind of vacation for the freedom of movement. Here you choose your own place and route, and also sleep in your own bed and cook the food you like. However, experienced campers are advised not to buy a house on wheels at once, and first rent it to see if you like this kind of travel.