A Complete Travel Plan for Peru

A Complete Travel Plan for Peru

Peru is one of the most popular places for tourism. Wherever you travel, having an itinerary planned for your trip is essential- Read this article to know more.

The magnificent Inca Trail and Machu Picchu attract numerous travelers from all around the world to Peru. The beauty of Peru had been an inspiration not only for tourists but also for artists and historians. The hanging gardens, Incan ruins, Amazon rainforest, and old villages are must-visit places in Peru. However, an unplanned trip cannot give you the ultimate experience of Peru. You should always have a thoroughly planned itinerary so that you can allocate your time to different attractions adequately. This article aims to be your ultimate Peru Travel Guide so that you can enjoy your trip immensely.

Day 1 and 2

There is a high possibility that you will be landing in Peru’s capital, Lima. Since the place is filled with tourists, pickpockets are extremely common here. So be careful. Book a hotel in a safe place like Mira Flores. There is a wide range of hotels at different prices here. So whether you are looking for something within a budget or a luxury hotel, you can choose easily. Now that you are safe and secure, you can enjoy beaches, gardens, shopping malls, and parks here.

You can also visit Barranco, a Bohemian district, in Lima. This area is one of the most picture-perfect places, with colorful houses overlooking appealing bougainvillea. You can eat at the small, local eateries and enjoy local street dance and music too.

Day 3 to 5

You can tour through Ica, Nazca, and Huacachina. You’ll notice that the scenery and landscape are very different from Lima. It usually takes around 4 hours to travel to Ica from Lima. Here, you will see Incan temples and deserts. You will also notice the dark history of Peru in colonial houses where slavery used to thrive.

Eventually, you will see the Nazca Lines, which are bound to take your breath away! These massive lines are shaped into animals, pagan gods, birds, etc. You have to fly over these shapes to see them properly as they are so massive and can’t be seen from ground level. Nazca people carved these figures on deserts, and researchers are yet to find if they represent any ritual or alien activity!

Huacachina is a small village that consists of sand dunes with an oasis in the middle. You can spend your day sliding down the dunes and pacing over the sandy desert.

You can choose different hotels in Ica or stay in Ica, Nazca, and Huacachina each night for accommodation.

Day 6 to 9

Now you will be traveling to the magnificent Amazon rainforest. This place is remote and has no hotels near it; it will take you 4 hours to find one. It is filled with beautiful scenery, colorful butterflies, birds, and monkeys.

Day 10 to 14

You can visit Cusco and the Sacred Valley these days. In Cusco, make sure to visit the main city square, Qorikiancha,  the Incan sun temple, and the San Blas area that contains huge maze fields and picturesque streets.

Do not forget to visit the Rainbow Mountains, situated 140km southeast of Cusco. Hiking over these mountains that are 16500 feet is definitely challenging but one of the best experiences you will get. You can also zipline here.

It is best to rent a car to drive through Cusco and Sacred Valley. Having your transport sorted will save you a lot of time.

Day 15 to 18

In the Sacred Valley, be sure to visit Chinchero. It is a tiny village 12000 feet above sea level. Here, you will find local markets to get all your souvenirs from. Drive to the agricultural terraces of Moray, where you will see womb-shaped terraces. These were made by Incans to bring together science, nature, spirituality, and geometry. Next, go to Urubamba and even take a cooking class there to indulge in their delicious food. The last stop before Machu Picchu is Ollantaytambo, which has numerous hotels, hostels, and restaurants. Enjoy the fortress ruins here.

Day 19 to 21

Hold your breath as you wallow in the majestic Machu Picchu. The best way to Machu Picchu is hiking over the Inca trail. It takes a 4-day hike to reach the destination. In Machu Picchu, you will find the tall mountains with dreamy clouds floating over. You will also see Incan ruins of villages made entirely out of stone. Get a guide for enjoying the place to the fullest. You can also hike the mountains and get an amazing view of the village.

Accommodation options are abundant here.

Day 22 to 24

If you are eager to experience the true Peruvian village life, you must visit Huarocondo. You can wander about the place, discover the slow-paced life of the locals, visit local markets, and explore more unpopular Incan ruins. Make sure to book your accommodations before your trip there as it can be hard to find hotels in this area.

Day 25 to 28

Last but definitely not the least are Puno and Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is said to be the place where the Incan civilization was born. It is the highest navigable lake located on the borders of Peru and Bolivia. Be sure to take a trip to the 90 floating islands- the Uros Islands. The most interesting thing about these islands is that the locals have to occasionally anchor these islands so that they don’t float away!

Many luxurious hotels are available in this region. Hotels on a budget can also be found.

Now that you have a perfect month-long itinerary, you are ready for your dream trip to Peru. Get your passport ready, and pack your bag for an ultimate travel experience to one of the most beautiful and popular countries in South America.

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