Top 10 dangerous roads for drivers in the USA

When it comes to selecting the ideal roads for drivers, long uninterrupted stretches where you can push the car to its limits seems viable. But, when you are experiencing the unexpected, danger comes in hovering. Though there are many thrilling road sections in the world where you can enjoy to the fullest, we have some popular patches in the U.S. itself. 

Top 10 dangerous roads for drivers in the USA

These roads offer a good mix of thrill, risk, and excitement. Driving on these rough patches have its own challenges. The states of Florida and Texas have the most dangerous roads in the country. Busy states like Nevada and Atlanta get some of the longest and most dangerous road stretches.

Interstate 4 in Florida

As popular as the state with theme parks and space stations, it also gets great connectivity to other states. Interstate 4 is recently ranked as the most dangerous road in the USA. The 132-mile roadway records around 1.41 deaths every mile that comes down to a scavenging 182 deaths in the last six years. Many of those fatal crashes were truck accidents.

The I-45 in Houston, Texas

One of the busiest states in the country is well connected through interstate highways and speedways. Interstate 45 has been ranked number two in the deadliest highways list. Analysts found out that the highway has a record number of fatalities that averaged 56.5 per 100 miles of roadway. The most dangerous part of this thrilling highway is in Houston which records 51 fatal wrecks between 2011 and 2015.

Highway 1, Florida

Florida has always amazed with its breathtaking landscapes and never-ending roads. One of the most popular yet dangerous highways in the states is Highway 1. The 545-mile stretch has recorded around 1079 deaths in the last 10 years which is the highest.

Interstate 285, Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the busiest cities in the country with clock-around traffic. Interstate 285 has been recognized as one of the most dangerous highways with 3.5 fatalities every 10-mile stretch in 2013. Due to the city’s heavy traffic, lots of sharp turns and many tractor-trailers moving, the chances of an accident are more prone.

The Dalton Highway, Alaska

A cold state in the USA with harsh weather conditions and remote forests, Alaska has its own challenges. The 400-mile long Dalton Highway that connects Deadhorse in the North to Elliot Highway near Livengood in the South passes through loads of challenges. These include tundras, remote forests, and the Yukon River. Driving on the Dalton Highway is very scary because of no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or any services for a 240-mile stretch.

I-15, Nevada

Connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles, this 181-mile long highway is also one of the most dangerous road patches in the USA. It has been reported that around 1069 deaths happened in a span of 15 years. Doing the math, it is advised to be very careful while driving through this risky and picturesque highway.

The Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

Colorado covers hilly areas while being fully connected to other states. This stretch of US Route 550 brings a variety of thrill through its hairpin curves, heavy winds across the steep cliffs, and three 10,000-foot mountain passes to deal with. The name of a Million Dollar Highway is interesting as once a lady drove across this patch and asked a million dollars to drive on this again.

Highway 17 in South Carolina

Skyscanner has named Highway 17 the fourth most dangerous road in the USA. While driving on Highway 17, one can witness numerous breathtaking scenes covered with a canopy of trees. Yet, there are a number of blind curves, sharp turns, and wildlife including mountain lions and deers. These faunas sometimes jump in front of the car creating panic and can lead to accidents.

Highway 2, Montana

Montana as a state is very dangerous to drive in because of long stretches of highways and no readily available help. An ambulance takes upwards of 80 minutes to reach a spot. So, if you had an accident you are on your own.

A particularly dangerous patch is Highway 2 that is a 666.6-mile drive from Idaho in the east to North Dakota. An average speed of 70 MPH is maintained by vehicles that make it more dangerous in case of an accident. The road has proven to be so treacherous that the Washington State has recently sanctioned $60 million to make the road safer.


You can get a clear idea of how careful you need to be when planning a trip across these road patches. These 10 most dangerous roads for drivers in the USA have been recognized by people as well as the state itself. These have a good mix of nature’s beauty, risk involved and give an unprecedented driving experience.