Rocking The Rockies: Don’t Pass Up These Passes

Rocking The Rockies: Don’t Pass Up These Passes

Dreaming of adventure travel? Checking the map, packing the truck, and getting ready to head out of town? If you’re aiming for the Rockies, here are 4 spectacular choices for dangerous roads, steep switchbacks, and awesome views.

Aspen Summer Road

If you’re thinking of driving out of town and heading to the Rockies, the Aspen Summer Road is a must-do for summer or early fall adventure.

It is only 4.6 miles long, yet it climbs from 8,138 feet all the way to 11,209 feet.

Keep in mind that if you are able to get to it in September, you may see the golden glow of leaves—and perhaps an unexpected early snowfall. If so, you may find that the road becomes impassable, even with a tough 4-wheel drive car.

Monarch Pass

This steep and windy road goes high winding through the mountains at 11,312 feet. You’ll travel through the snowy mountain peaks and along the Continental Divide. It’s located between Gunnison and Poncha Springs. Leading to the snow-covered Monarch Mountain, you just might be grabbing the steering wheel and taking deep breaths.

Berthoud Pass

Traveling up to an elevation of 11,307 feet, you’ll see awesome views of snow-capped mountains. Be advised that on the Berthoud Pass you’ll encounter steep winding roads, extreme switchbacks and high elevations.

Many drivers see this road on the map as a shortcut connecting Denver with Winter Park. However, in the winter travel can be tough, as avalanches and snow slides make travel impossible.

Red Mountain Pass

Looking for maximum adventure? This pass has steep 8% grades, and is known for avalanche conditions. This pass is one of the most dangerous in Colorado, and can be the highlight of your dangerous road adventure. Be sure to check conditions before traveling.

Is Your Road To Success Under Construction?

Unexpected travel conditions aren’t the only thing that can put a damper on your adventure travel. If you’re going out on the road, keep in mind that expenses can throw you into a tailspin.

If you’re driving a dangerous road —either on the highway or in your life, sometimes it helps to know how to get out of a jam. Perhaps the global crisis impacted you. It pays to have a plan of action with a reliable service for getting cash should you need it. Having title loans online helps you have peace of mind. With this on hand, you can rest easy, knowing you’re prepared for unexpected conditions.

Being Prepared For Changing Conditions

In life, as in adventure travel, being prepared is an essential ingredient for a successful trip. Travel enthusiasts, families, and solo adventurers find that having a prepared emergency supply kit is not only smart, but can save lives. This kit should include an Emergency First Aid Kit, water, flashlight, emergency flares, extra warm clothing, and food.

In addition, bring the minimal requirements for dealing with snow such as chains, windshield brushes, ice removal, and brushes.

Checking On Road Conditions

With all the climate changes, it helps to be prepared. In winter, many of the passes are closed. These include Kebler Pass, Mount Evens Scenic Byway, Cottonwood Pass, Guanella Pass, Trail Ridge Road, and the famous Highway 82 Independence Pass.

While annual road closures are planned, the exact dates vary from year to year. Check for the latest road conditions, closures, and requirements.

It’s helpful to reward your adventure spirit by taking safe precautions. As weather and road conditions may be unpredictable, traveling safe is the best way to enjoy your trip from start to finish.

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