First-time cruiser? Make the most of your voyage with these helpful tips

There are many reasons why cruising is one of the most popular ways to holiday. You can enjoy multiple destinations, you don’t have to worry about planning every day of your break, there’s the wonderful social element, the onboard food and entertainment options, all of which provide something for everyone. When it comes to value and cruise providers, you’re literally spoilt for choice.

First-time cruiser? Make the most of your voyage with these helpful tips

Whether you're interested in short trips or lengthy getaways, the perfect cruise awaits. From a 7-day exploration of Croatia's beaches to leisurely cruises around the Caribbean, there's something for everyone. You can learn more about 7-day cruises in Croatia in case the Dalmatian coast is on your bucket list. With numerous incredible cities to visit such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Stari Grad, and others, Croatia has become one of the most sought cruising destinations in recent years.

If you’ve already booked your first ever cruise, then you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation. What should you bring? What can you expect? And how are you going to fill your days whilst out in the ocean? Here we'll take a look at how you can make the most of your voyage as a first-time cruiser. Enjoy your trip!

Budget well

Not all cruises are all-inclusive and depending on your package you may have to pay in certain restaurants, for particular activities or even your excursions. Always make sure you’re clear on what is included in your cruise package. And expect to spend more money on additional services whilst on board, that way you won’t miss out!

Prefer more adults on your cruise?

Timing is everything when it comes to cruises. Much like any holiday resort, you’ll find there are larger numbers of children and young adults during school holidays and between university terms. If you’d prefer a cruise without the younger demographic, consider choosing off-peak dates.

Consider a longer stay

As a first time cruiser, you’ll want to make the most of your voyage and get more for your money, so booking at least a full 7 days will ensure you get to experience everything you had hoped for. This way you can fully immerse yourself onboard without squeezing everything into a tight schedule.

Bring a carry-on bag with you

Your chosen cruise line will determine when you can access your rooms. So, it makes sense to take a little carry-on bag with you as you explore the ship for the first time. Bring along bottles of water, medicines, sunglasses, snacks, swimming costumes, sunblock etc. Again, the more prepared you are the more you’ll enjoy your trip.

Plan your voyage

Modern ships provide so many amenities, from rock climbing walls to waterslides, cinemas, live entertainment, spa facilities, zip lines even planetariums and skydiving simulators. Sadly, many first time cruisers find they have very little time to enjoy everything their liner has to offer simply because there's too much choice and not enough time! Plan your time as much as possible but make sure you find time to relax too!

And finally, food!

There'll be so many incredible culinary options onboard, you won't know where to begin. However, to make the most of your cruise, get to know when the opening and closing times are and the location of your chosen restaurants - the last thing you want is to waste time wandering around a huge ship looking for something to eat!