The Best Road Trips in the US

The Best Road Trips in the US

There is something special about road trips in the USA. It is a ritual that has been immortalized and romanticized in the American culture, thanks to several radio hits, Blockbuster movies, and classic novels. It is as much an ultimate bucket list for ardent travelers in their twilight years as it is a rite of passage for new drivers.

Sure, car troubles are bound to occur, traffic is inevitable, and gas is expensive, but that has never stopped people from hitting the highways for road trips. In any case, no two road trips are similar. America is unlike any other country - it is filled with the most diverse array of attractions, characters, cuisines, landscapes, and national parks. It is not surprising that road trips are an important part of the American experience. Here are the best road trips in America. 

1. Route 66

Also known as the Mother Road, the iconic Route 66 was America’s original road trip. It begins in Lake Michigan, Chicago, taking you all the way to Los Angeles. It is approximately 2,500 miles and covers eight states. Route 66 has a lot to offer from drive-in movie theatres to hundreds of roadside attractions and those classic motels and diners from movies. Get your car checked, clean it up, grab that underglow kit from XK Glow, pack road trip essentials, and give yourself at least two weeks to enjoy the scenic Route 66.

2. Laughin River Run

Nevada is also a state for motorcycle fanatics. When you are in Nevada, do not miss the Laughlin River Run. The town of Laughlin is situated on the banks of the Colorado River near the Nevada and Arizona border. The ideal time to hit this route is the last week of April when this well-known event draws about 75000 riders across the country. If you don't own a motorcycle yet, you can rent a motorcycle in las vegas and enjoy the ride in the Laughlin River Run!"

3. Great River Road

Who would not want to travel right beside the greatest river in America? The great North Road traverses around three-thousand miles along the Mississippi River and cuts through ten states. Great River Road is one of the most breathtaking byways in America if you are a nature lover. It takes about ten days to complete.
There are remarkable wildlife resorts along the route, including the Theodore Roosevelt Refuge and the Yazoo Refuge. Also, there are several quaint river towns such as Rosedale and Greenville, where you can spend your nights.

4. Pacific Coast Highway

Pack the sunscreen and the shades because it is windows down and roofs off for this incredible road trip. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches from San Francisco to San Diego and is a perfect route for a weekend road trip. It takes three days to complete. If you ride motorcycles near San Francisco this ride is a great trip! 
There are nice places to visit along the route, such as Big Sur National Park and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

5. Overseas Highway

If staying cramped up in a car for days is not your cup of tea, go for a mini road trip along the Overseas Highway instead. This road trip only takes about three to four hours and connects Florida’s top beach locations - Key West and Miami.

6. Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are in the mood for a leisurely drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect route for a road trip. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour, and commercial vehicles are not allowed. The 469-mile route has incredible attractions such as the Great Smoky Mountains and the Shenandoah national parks.
Ready for a remarkable American road trip? These are some of the best routes that offer you a chance to enjoy America at its best.

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