Tips for a Successful Car-Camping Road Trip

Traveling by car can be a unique experience. With the freedom that driving your car gives you, it is possible to include activities that you cannot do with other means of travel.

Tips for a Successful Car-Camping Road Trip

Did you see a very interesting monument in the middle of nowhere? Did you see a fun fair halfway? Just stop and go there. It’s your car meaning you make the rules. Anyone who has never brought a mattress to a camping trip – now is your chance! But there are a few more tips you need to consider, making your trip even more comfortable and fun:

Pack (almost) without limits

One of the great advantages of traveling by car is that you don’t have to worry about the weight of each suitcase, something that is usually checked at airports. Make sure you bring everything that will make your trip more comfortable. Spare blankets, pillows, snacks, and great music are a must. But you can also level up your experience with things like car fridge, mattress, wireless charger… Because you are going camping, and you will be traveling for long, a good portable heater for the car should be a must. As long as you have space in the trunk, you can take whatever you want.

You have to organize

Throwing things at random in a car will only cause a headache. Save your time and stick to a system. Everything you need while driving should be within easy reach of one passenger. Everything you need for an overnight stay goes to the trunk. To have more luggage space, use soft bags, not rigid suitcases. And don't forget to keep a bag that will come in handy for throwing trash along the way.

You can split the bill

If the trip includes more adults, traveling by car decreases total expenses. Together, these people can share the costs of the vehicle (if rented), as well as gasoline and toll. Although the total trip time is usually longer, it ends up being cheaper than traveling by plane.

Visit numerous destinations

Even if you take a flight to get to the starting point of the trip, renting a vehicle will give you the chance to visit nearby places. Traveling by car and staying in a camp increase these possibilities even more. You can go for a hike or sightseeing at locations that are far away from your camp. You can also stay longer outside your camping site because you will be able to return to it via car. There are numerous scenic drives you will now be able to take and enjoy your trip even more.

Together with your best friend

Yes, it is possible to embark on trips by bus or plane with your pets, but it is not a simple task. In the car, your best friend goes with you: in the back seat in cages, transport boxes or properly restrained by your seat belt. Bring its bed, a blanket if it gets cold during nights, a leash, dishes, various toys, and food. All of that can be easily packed in your car.

Camping Equipment you can now bring

Because you are traveling via car, now you can bring a ton of stuff you wouldn’t normally carry to your camping site. But space for luggage and a logistic how to carry it to the camp is not your problem anymore.
Bring a bigger tent so you have enough space to put in it not just your sleeping bags, but your clothes and other equipment too. The extra space will be useful during rainy days when you will all be cooped up in a tent.
An inflatable mattress is also something you are for sure going to be able to bring with you. Sleeping in a tent is going to be so much more comfortable with inflatable bed under you. Buy the model that has a pump. Why not, you have space in your car! Bring an inflatable pillow if you want to be extra comfortable.

Spare keys

Please bring spare keys with you. Nothing will ruin your day faster than watching your keys inside a locked car.