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NI's own Big Sur trumps landmarks

The Antrim Coast Road offers views more spectacular than the Grand Canyon in the US or Venezuela's Angel Falls, according to a survey. Sydney Opera House came top in the poll of 5,000 Britons by an Australian wine company to find places with the world's most spectacular views.

8 days in Canada: route from travel expert

Canada might seem distant and incomprehensible country to most travelers. A lot of people would like to travel to the USA, they have heard a lot about Latin American countries, but Canada…

Plus Size Travel Destinations for Rest and Dating

Every person dreams of traveling the whole world. Yet, what most people don't realize is that traveling can be quite daunting and challenging for plus size folks. If you are a plus size, you most probably have wondered about the local attitudes of your intended destination. Will the steep hills or steps be too much for you? How fat-friendly will the transport be?

5 Essential Road Travel Tips You Might Not Know

When you are getting ready for a road trip or just regular commuting travel on the road to and from work, it is important that you follow these tips so that you can always be prepared. Preparation doesn't mean the bad things won't happen or that you won't accidentally get a flat tire or get lost. Instead, preparation just means that when those events take place, you don't panic because you know what steps to follow, who to call, or what to do next.

How To Book Tickets For The Most Scenic Roads Online

There’s no better way to experience the world’s most scenic, exciting roads than by driving yourself. Winding around South Africa’s Garden Route or Australia’s Great Ocean Road, you experience all the exhilaration of gorgeous twists and turns. However, it is not always practical to drive yourself, especially in countries in which driving is a little more difficult.

Exploring the 8 Deadliest Roads in California

Driving through the deep gorges to the beautiful roads of the coastline, through the densely populated areas to the abominable gauntlet taking you to Sin City. There are several roads, which need extra caution while driving through the Golden State.

Australia Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Dating Culture

When you’re traveling to Australia and looking for a date, there are some things you have to know. While the rules aren’t very strict in the country, you’ll stand out in a bad way if you don’t know the basics. Here are some of the most important ideas you need to understand and how you can implement them to have successful dates in Australia.

Europe's Most Dangerous Roads Every Adrenaline Junkie Should Visit

If you’re one of those people who actively seek out extreme and dangerous sports, taking this trip through the most dangerous roads in Europe will surely fill your palette. I could try to implore you to follow safety precautions. But if you’re the kind of person who gets their kicks by throwing caution to the wind, I can only wish you good luck.

5 Great Ways to Become a Travel Blogger

Who is a travel blogger? Would you like to become one? Most people cannot imagine travelling while blogging. But yes, it is possible to travel while blogging. There are many successful travel bloggers across the world. And this is enough proof that you can do it too if you want to.

Best Roman Roads

It’s been more than a thousand years but Roman imperialism and glory can still be witnessed throughout Europe. Huge constructions and architecture made by the Romans are appreciated by the whole world. But the most impressive things that the Roman’s made is the network of roads.

The Best Road Trip in the World – According to Science

Have you ever wanted to travel cross-country? Do you think that it’s impossible to go on a road trip and see all the greatest landmarks in one go? Well, science will prove you wrong.

Requirements to Visit The Most Dangerous Roads in America 2020

Road trips across America are often the staple of many people’s travel bucket lists. If you’re looking for adventure, America’s vast map of relaxing unchanging open roads might not be your cup of tea. 

Spring Escape from NY: Best Weekend Getaways

New York is rightfully considered a city of entertainment. Here you will find world-famous restaurants, great bars, and a variety of cultural venues. But sometimes big city life gets boring, doesn't it?

Preparing for the Unexpected on a Road Trip

If you are heading out on a road trip on your own, with your partner, or with the family, you are in for a fun and exciting time. This is a great way to enjoy some adventure and exploration, and there are many wonderful areas and routes that you can choose for your road trip.

The Most Dangerous Roads Surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada

Traffic accidents and fatalities in Las Vegas, Nevada are on the rise. In fact, the areas surrounding Sin City are, statistically, some of the most dangerous in the world.

8 Maps For Your Bug Out Bag

It's a true terror to lose your way while on a bug out. It’s a scenario for all to prepare for. Once you lose your path, you might run out of food and water. There’s no easy way to say this, but it will end badly.

Comfortable travelling for people with HGHD

Our hormones can be wonderful as they do a myriad of things, particularly while we grow. However, they can become problematic at different times in our lives such as puberty when skin acne appears overnight or pregnancy when emotions run rampant. 

Essential Packing List for Female Cyclists Across Europe

Cycling Across Europe could easily be one of the best adventures of your life. Across all those cities and forest lands  - you get a balanced view of glamour and greenery.

5 Deadliest Roads in the US

Most roads that you meet on your way are safe and comfortable. Drivers from different countries are accustomed to road standards, which include quality road surfaces, speed cameras and radars, excellent lighting, road markings, and other features, which make every car trip more reliable than ever before. 

Reasons for Students to Travel to Different Countries in Europe

We cannot deny the excitement of doing something different, whether trying out a new recipe, shopping for a new collection to add to your wardrobe, or even changing from one football club to another. It is a feeling like no other.

The Most Dangerous Routes in Europe You Need to Take for the View

There is nothing like a road trip when it comes to traveling Europe. You can explore the marvelous sights, visit new places, and enjoy wonderful views. Whether you prefer mountains, valleys, or cities, there are lots to unpack.

10 Most Dangerous Roads to Drive on in the UK

While many of us enjoy a road trip, are there some roads we should be more aware of than others? This article will look at the 10 most dangerous roads to drive on in the UK.

5 of the best road trip destinations in Europe

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like the idea of staying in one place when you’re on holiday; if the idea of lying around a pool for day on end gives you itchy feet, then perhaps you’d prefer to experience the thrill and freedom of an unforgettable road trip.

Minimum Luggage Set You Should Take on a Voyage

The modern information space is highly diversified. Any user can learn the basics of makeup, decoration, and cooking in a few clicks on the Internet. Travelling has also become a modern trend, and more and more people not only observe life in other places but also make independent trips.

Road Trip Guide: Mexico's Most Picturesque Coastal Drives

Planning a trip to Mexico is no easy feat, as there are plenty of things to think about in advance. From where you’ll be staying to how much you’ll be spending, there’s plenty to plan. Road trips are a great way to get a unique travel experience and do things your own way. Whether you prefer to check out the local scenery, historical sites, or food stands, road trips are the way to go.

4 Essential Travel Tips To Keep You Fresh On Long Road Trips

Men need the strongest holding hair wax, especially when going on long road trips to keep their hair perfect and unscathed. Moreover, heat can be a problem for keeping in style during long road trips since the release of sweat and oil in your hair makes it flat.

Fascinating and Breathtaking Abandoned Roads Around the Globe

Roads have been around since ancient times. They have been connecting civilizations to one another for long times and just like any other structures, they tend to deteriorate from time to time and when they get to a point when they are no longer repairable or usable, they are abandoned by usual traffic and travelers.

Traveling Essentials For A Man

Travelling requires prior planning and getting and packing your essentials is one part of planning. When packing your essentials your eyes need to be focused on your destination and the journey leading to it.

7 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

Travel lets you explore the world and feel refreshed after an exhausting routine. Discovering new exciting places can be a fun experience. However, students feel uncomfortable when it comes to choosing a feasible travel plan.

Chicago and its best tourist sites

Chicago is known as one of the most important cities of the United States and of the world. It is a great metropolis with many places to visit and activities to do. It is ideal for people looking for sightseeing tours, to learn about its history and also for those looking for great excitement.

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