The world's most dangerous countries to drive

According to the World Health Organization's figures, this is the list of the world's most dangerous countries to drive. If you’re thinking of travelling abroad, then you might be interested in finding out which countries are the worst for driving in. Depending on those you think are the most dangerous, the reality may well surprise you.

This list of countries by traffic-related death rate shows the annual number of road fatalities per capita per year and per vehicle-km in some countries in the year the data was collected.

1.  Eritrea - 48.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants
2. Dominican Republic - 41.7
3.  Libya - 40.5
4. Thailand - 38.1
5.  Venezuela - 37.2
6. Nigeria - 33.7
7. South Africa - 31.9
8. Iraq - 31.5
9. Guinea-Bissau - 31.2
10. Oman - 30.4

Pic&video: bonekillah11b

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