Most Haunted Tunnels on Earth

Spooky Highways: A Drive Through the 5 Most Haunted Tunnels on Earth

Due to extreme low lighting, echoey, dark and often damp conditions tunnels are itself quite spooky. Maybe that’s why so many tunnels are said to be haunted. From mysterious and scary discoveries to ghosts and haunted people. Enter at your own risk!

Sensabaugh Tunnel
Sensabaugh Tunnel
, Church Hill, Tennessee
If you turn your car off inside the tunnel, locals say, you may hear a baby’s cry.


Twin Tunnels
, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Locals say you can hear the ghostly cries of a baby.


The Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Legend says that if you stand at the center of the tunnel and light a wooden match, the match will instantly be blown out and you will hear the horrific screams of a girl burning to death.


Nada Tunnel, Powell County, Kentucky, USA
It’s reportedly haunted by a climber who fell to his death in this area. Locals also claim that a glowing green light is often seen in the tunnel at night.


Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland
It’s well known because a ghost known as the White Lady.