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Highest asphalted roads of Europe

Europe is the sixth largest continent in size. It extends from Iceland (west) to the Ural Mountains of Russia (east). It’s bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Europe has several important mountain ranges. The longest ones are Scandinavian Mountains, Carpathian Mountains, Alps, Caucasus Mountains, Apennine Mountains, Balkan & Rhodope Mountains and Pyrenees. Most mountain ranges are poorly populated due to the harsh climate, difficult access and short growing seasons.
Highest asphalted roads of Europe:

Mountain roadElevationCountry
Pico del Veleta3.369m (11,053ft) Spain  
Karakaya Hill3.148m (10,328ft)Turkey
Doğu Anadolu Gözlemevi3.139m (10,298ft)Turkey
Karabet Geçidi 2.994m (9,822ft) Turkey
Observatorio del Pico Veleta2.856m (9,370ft)Spain  
Ötztal Glacier Road 2.830m (9,285ft)Austria
Cime de la Bonette2.802m (9,193ft) France
Klukhorskii Pass2.781m (9,124ft) Russia-Georgia
Col de l'Iseran2.764m (9,068ft) France 
Güzeldere Geçidi2.763m (9,064ft)Turkey
Passo dello Stelvio2.757m (9,045ft)Italy
Kaunertal glacier road2.750m (9,022ft)Austria
Lac de Céma2.745m (9,005ft)France
Col Agnel-Agnello2.744m (9,003ft)France-Italy

Pic: David Stolarsky

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