What are the northernmost roads in the world? Top 8

Embark on an extraordinary journey, venturing where few have dared to tread. Imagine roads so remote, they touch the fringes of our planet, almost reaching the North Pole. When driving these roads, preparation is key. Ensure you're equipped with a sturdy vehicle, ample food and water supplies, matches, warm clothing, and sufficient fuel. These roads, situated in the extreme north, aren’t just pathways; they're gateways to unparalleled adventures.

The world's northernmost roads

Where are the world's northernmost roads?

Stretching across Europe and North America, these roads carve their paths through Russia, Norway, Canada, and the USA. Here's a closer look at the world’s northernmost routes:

Settlement Country Latitude Road
Nanisivik Canada 73° 04' Nanisivik Highway
Anabar Bay Russia 72° 49' Road to Anabar
Rogachevo Russia 71°36' Rogachevo-Belushya Guba
Slettnes fyr Norway 71º 28' Road to Slettnes fyr
Nordkapp Norway 70° 58' Nordkapp Road
Prudhoe Bay USA 70° 19' Dalton Highway
Vayda-Guba Russia 69° 56' Road to Vayda-Guba
Tuktoyaktuk Canada 69° 26' Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road

Pic: Olivier Forbes-Bouillon