The world's northernmost roads

Driving the 8 world's northernmost roads

Welcome to the most remote roads in the world! Get a reliable car, lots of food, water, matches, warm clothing, and as much gas as you can carry safely to drive the northernmost roads in the world.

Where are the world's northernmost roads?

The world's northernmost roads are located in Europe (Russia and Norway) and North America (in Canada and in the USA).

Settlement Country Latitude Road
Nanisivik Canada 73° 04' Nanisivik Highway
Anabar Bay Russia 72° 49' Road to Anabar
Rogachevo Russia 71°36' Rogachevo-Belushya Guba
Slettnes fyr Norway 71º 28' Road to Slettnes fyr
Nordkapp Norway 70° 58' Nordkapp Road
Prudhoe Bay USA 70° 19' Dalton Highway
Vayda-Guba Russia 69° 56' Road to Vayda-Guba
Tuktoyaktuk Canada 69° 26' Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road


Pic: Olivier Forbes-Bouillon

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