What are the highest roads of South America? Top 17

Finding the highest mountain road in South America may also mean discovering some of the highest roads in the world. But in the South American Andes the situation is confusing like in the Himalayas and the results are often questionable and conflicting. Many high altitude gravel roads are particularly being reported in Bolivia and Chile. But all elevation indications vary greatly in different reports and you can actually not rely on them.

Highest roads of South America

Highest mountain roads of South America:

Mountain pass Elevation Country Surface
Aconcagua 6.961m (22,838 ft) Argentina Gravel
Ojos del Salado 6.891m (22,608 ft) Argentina/Chile Gravel
Cerro Uturuncu 6.008 m (19,711 ft) Bolivia Gravel 
Volcan Tacora 5.980m (19,620 ft)  Chile Gravel 
Volcán Ollagüe 5.868 m (19,251ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel
Refugio Tejos 5.800m (19,000ft) Chile Gravel 
Cerro Sairécabur 5.753m (18,874ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel 
Cerro del Azufre 5.702m (18,707ft) Chile       Gravel
Cerro Chajnantor 5.635m (18,487ft) Chile Gravel
Cerro Cañapa 5.629m (18,467ft) Bolivia Gravel
Curiquinca 5.625m (18,454ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel
Volcan Tacora 5.590m (18,339ft) Chile Gravel 
Umurata 5,542m (18,182ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel
Portezuelo Sairécabur 5.541m (18,179ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel
Sairécabur Telescope 5.525 m (18,127 ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel
Volcán Acotango 5.509m (18,074ft) Bolivia/Chile Gravel 
Volcan Aucanquilcha 5.500m (18,044 ft) Chile Gravel