Where are the highest roads of Africa? Top 8 revealed

It’s difficult so say where’s the African highest mountain pass. Some sources say they should be found either in Morocco, in the mountainous East Africa or in South Africa/Lesotho. But some of these areas are still not well developed and is hard to obtain reliable information about the condition and elevation of mountain roads there.

Highest roads of Africa

Highest mountain roads of Africa:

Mountain pass Elevation Country Surface
Mount Kilimanjaro 5.895m (19,341ft) Tanzania Gravel
Kibo Hut 4.750m (15,520ft) Tanzania Gravel
Mount Bwahit  4.437m (14,557ft) Ethiopia Gravel 
Mount Tullu Demtu 4.389m (14,400ft) Ethiopia Gravel 
Ras Dashen 4.277m (14,032ft) Ethiopia Gravel 
Mount Abuna Yosef 4.199m (13,776ft) Ethiopia Gravel 
Jbel Ayachi 3.727m (12,227ft) Morocco Gravel 
Tizi n’Tirecht 3.677m (12,063ft) Morocco Gravel 

Pic: Shao Yo Ming