What are the most haunted roads in the world?

Across the globe, from the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the serene countryside of England, there are roads that resonate with eerie tales and haunting legends. Ghostly hitchhikers, phantom children, spectral soldiers, and mysterious women clad in white have been said to wander these roads, leaving a trail of chilling encounters in their wake.

Top Haunted Roads

While some stories have been passed down through generations, others have emerged from recent unsolved mysteries and inexplicable events. Regardless of their origins, each account is a testament to the human fascination with the unknown and the supernatural. As you journey with us through the world's 20 most haunted roads, be prepared to encounter the spine-tingling, the mysterious, and the downright terrifying.

Clinton Road, USA
Clinton Road, a 10-mile stretch in New Jersey, is infamous for its wide array of paranormal activities, from ghost sightings to rumored KKK assemblies. The road, often described as a hellish journey, has tales of disappearances, UFO encounters, and even satanic rituals.

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong
Hong Kong's Tuen Mun Road, constructed in 1977, is notorious for sudden ghostly appearances causing fatal accidents. Stretching 19.4 km, it's believed that the spirits of the departed cause recurring tragedies on this haunted pathway.

A3 motorway, Croatia
A small segment of the A3 Motorway in Croatia is believed to be cursed, attributed to the cement from tombstones used during its construction. The road's haunting reputation has only grown with tragic events, like the death of renowned celebrities.

Sweet Hollow Road, USA
New York's Sweet Hollow Road, located in West Hills County Park, is riddled with tales of ghostly encounters and paranormal events. Native American tribes have long regarded the area as cursed. Despite its scenic beauty, visitors report a range of supernatural phenomena.

Boy Scout Lane, USA
Wisconsin's Boy Scout Lane is steeped in legends of a tragic accident that claimed the lives of a troop of Boy Scouts in the 1950s or 60s. Now, the road is believed to be haunted by their spirits, with visitors reporting eerie screams, ghostly apparitions, and even mysterious handprints on their vehicles.

Mount Misery Road, USA
Mount Misery Road in New York, situated in West Hills County Park, has a rich history of ghostly tales stemming from Native American legends. The road and its surroundings, filled with eerie stories, are a hot spot for paranormal enthusiasts.

Annie's Road, USA
Annie's Road in New Jersey, officially known as Riverview Drive, is infamous for the ghostly presence of a girl named Annie, believed to have died tragically there in the 1960s. Travelers often report sightings of her apparition, sometimes appearing as a hitchhiker.

Stocksbridge Bypass, England
England's Stocksbridge Bypass, a 9.97km road in South Yorkshire, is infamous for its ghostly tales, especially of a phantom monk. Opened in 1988, the road has seen over 25 deaths, earning it the title 'Killer Road.' Paranormal encounters, including ghostly children singing, have been widely reported.

M6, England
The M6, the UK's longest motorway at 375 km, is also reputed to be its most haunted. Drivers have reported seeing Roman soldiers, a troubled woman asking for a ride, and a phantom lorry driving in the wrong direction. The road, operational since December 1958, has a history spanning 2,000 years, including Roman occupation, which possibly contributes to its haunted reputation.

Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland
The Belchen Tunnel in Switzerland, part of the A2 motorway and stretching 3,180 meters, is allegedly haunted by a "White Lady" ghost, described as an old woman in white. Since its opening in 1996, drivers have reported sudden appearances of this spectral figure, leading to its reputation as one of the world's most haunted roads.

A229, England
In South East England, the A229 road is notorious for its ghostly sightings, particularly of a woman in white, believed to be Judith Langham, tragically killed on her wedding day in 1965. Additionally, there are tales of another hitchhiker who shares visions of world improvement before vanishing mysteriously.

Bloods Point Road, USA
Bloods Point Road in Boone County, Illinois, is steeped in supernatural tales and a violent history. Stretching 4.50 km, it's said to be haunted by a school bus tragedy from the past where children died, with cars mysteriously being pushed over a bridge. The vicinity is also notorious for tales of murders, suicides, witchcraft, and more.

Zombie Road, USA
Missouri's Zombie Road, a 5.79 km stretch, is associated with eerie legends, possibly due to its proximity to an ancient Native American burial mound. Sightings of spectral American Indians and Confederate rebels, packs of child ghosts, and the tortured souls of working men have been reported for years.

Shades of Death Road, USA
Shades of Death Road in New Jersey stretches for 7 miles alongside the eerie Jenny Jump State Forest. With its reputation as New Jersey's scariest road, it's haunted by tales of a teenager who died in a car accident, wandering the road in her prom dress.

Kelly RoadUSA
Kelly Road in Pennsylvania, a 2.57 km stretch, is the epicenter of numerous paranormal tales. Animals reportedly undergo sudden behavioral changes, and shadows and eerie sounds have been reported. Some believe the road was cursed by Native Americans in the 1700s, while rumors also hint at cult activities and unsolved murders from the 1950s.

Street with No Name, Australia
Located in Annandale, Sydney, this overgrown alleyway alongside a light rail viaduct is said to exude an evil presence. Along with the nearby park, the area has been a site of numerous crimes. Paranormal investigators and visitors often report sensations of fear, anxiety, hearing footsteps, and other unexplained phenomena, potentially linked to the area's history of unsolved murders.

Wakehurst Parkway, Australia
The 14.5 km Wakehurst Parkway, near Sydney's northern beaches, is infamous for its fatal crashes and eerie atmosphere. Rumor has it that a ghostly figure named “Kelly” appears in vehicles, causing them to crash. The road has also been used to dispose of murder victims.

The Screaming tunnel, Canada
Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, legend states that if you stand in the center of this old drainage tunnel and light a wooden match, it will extinguish, followed by the screams of a dying girl. The tunnel has been the subject of several haunting tales, including that of a girl who met a tragic death either by accident or through violent acts.

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
This short stretch near Ballymoney is lined with intertwined beech trees planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family. The site is famous as a filming location for "Game of Thrones" and is believed to be haunted by a "Grey Lady." The area is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland, but its beauty also hides tales of eerie occurrences.

Witches Rock Road, USA
In Hartford County, Connecticut, Witches Rock Road is famed for its tales of witchcraft dating back to the 1700s. Locals believed a rock formation that leans over the road, known as "witchrock," was a meeting place for witches. The curse associated with these witches is believed to still haunt the road today.