What are the highest accessible towns by car on Earth? Top 13

Sometimes we’re so high up in the mountains that we take a deep breath and it feels like we havent’ any oxygen left at all. Even in these conditions, human beings have adapted to a huge variety of conditions, living in sky-high elevations over 16,700ft above the sea level.

What are the highest accessible towns by car on Earth?

This is the list of permanent settlements occupied year-round, accessible by car, from capital cities to remote villages, from the Himalayas to the Andes, where live life at astonishing heights. In many cases, the cold climate in winter necessitates a particular style of house; the type of agriculture practised and the domestic animals kept there are limited; or, the type of work carried on is specialised.

This is the list of the highest accessible towns by car on Earth by country, over the 3.300m above the sea level. Only permanent settlements occupied year-round are included. 

Town Country Elevation Road surface
Najia China 5.154m (16,909ft) Gravel
La Rinconada Peru 5.100m (16,732ft) Gravel
Wenquan China 5.100m (16,732ft) Asphalt
El Aguilar Argentina 4.895m (16,060ft) Gravel
Komic India 4.572m (15,000ft) Gravel
Parinacota Chile 4.400m (14,400ft) Gravel
Colquechaca Bolivia 4.167m (13,671ft) Gravel
Murghab Tajikistan 3.618m (11,869ft) Gravel
Raíces Mexico 3.531m (11,919ft) Asphalt
Apartaderos Venezuela 3.505m (11,499ft) Asphalt
Vetas Colombia 3.350m (10,990ft) Gravel
Papallacta Ecuador 3.300m (10,827ft) Asphalt
Alma United States 3.224m (10,578ft) Asphalt