What Are the World's Longest Straight Roads? Top 15 Revealed

Twisting and winding roads offer a thrill, painting memories of adventurous journeys. However, when it comes to sheer efficiency in connecting point A to point B, nothing beats the allure of a straight stretch. Dive into our list showcasing the world's most unwavering roads, where the journey is as straight as the destination.

Longest straight roads in the world

Where is the longest straight road in the world?

  Road Length Country
1 Highway 85 822 km (510mi) Saudi Arabia
2 Highway 10 255km (158mi) Saudi Arabia
Lagerenza-Estigarribia 207km (128mi) Paraguay
4 ND-46 W 194km (121mi) USA
5 B71- Mitchell Highway 191km (118 mi) Australia
6 US-54 W 173km (108mi) USA
7 México 1 169km (105mi) Mexico
8 US-136 E 164km (102mi) USA
9 Highway 50 153km (95mi) Saudi Arabia
10 US-83 S 149km (92mi) USA
11 Eyre Highway  146km (91mi)  Australia 
12 SK-33 W 141km (87mi) Canada
13 Ruta Provincial 26 133km (82mi) Argentina
14 I-10  131km (81mi) USA 
15 SK-10 and SK-52 W 131km (81mi) Canada 


1. Highway 85 (Saudi Arabia): 822km (510mi)

Running from Arar (the capital of Northern Borders Province) to Al Nairyah (a governorate in Eastern Province), Highway 85 features 822 km (510 miles) of straightness, perfectly straight, and the corners are very long sweepers, when they do come about. It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 8 hr 45 min



2. Highway 10 (Saudi Arabia): 255km (158 mi)

Highway 10

Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the Highway 10 is 255km (158 miles) stretch of straightness. This paved road links Haradh and Al Batha. It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 2 h 1 min.  Built originally as a private road for King Fahd (SAU), the stretch of Highway 10 connecting Highway 75 in the Haradh area to Highway 95 in the west of Saudi Arabia, cuts through the desert with no bends left or right, or any appreciable gradient up or down. 
Pic: https://www.saudi-expatriates.com/2018/04/worlds-longest-straight-road-is-now-in-saudiarabia.html



3. Ruta Mayor Pablo Lagerenza-Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia (Paraguay): 207km (128 mi)

Ruta Mayor Pablo Lagerenza-Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia (Paraguay)

This paved road is totally straight for 207km (128 miles) running north-south from Mayor Pablo Lagerenza (in the Alto Paraguay department) to Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia (in the Boquerón Department), on the north-western area of Paraguay. Read more.



4. ND-46 W (USA): 194km (121mi)

ND-46 W

Located in the state of North Dakota, the ND-46 W is 121 miles (194km) stretch of straightness near Fargo. This asphalted road links Oxbow (in Cass County) and Streeter (Stutsman County). It’s a straight road with a few kinks breaking up slightly the straight parts for 1 h 56 min. North Dakota claims its Highway 46 is the longest straight road in the US and Canada.



5. B71 (Australia): 120+71km (74+43mi)

B71, also known as Mitchell Highway, is a paved road running right through the centre-western of New South Wales, Australia. The first totally straight part of the road runs from Bourke to Byrock. It’s 71km (43 miles) long, ending just north of Byrock. From there the road bends through the town for 2.3 km (1.42 miles). The second straight section runs from Byrock to 3.6kms from the centre of Nyngan. It’s totally straight for 120km (74 miles).
Road suggested by: Barry Ridding



6. US-54 W (USA): 173km (108mi)

US-54 W

The US-54 W runs through three states with no real discernable curves: it is 108 miles (173km) stretch of straightness. This asphalted road links Liberal (county seat of Seward County) and Dalhart (Dallam County). It’s a straight road running through three states (Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma) for 1 h 55 min.



7. Mexico 1 - Carretera Federal 1 (Mexico): 169km (105mi)

Mexico 1 - Carretera Federal 1 (Mexico)

Located within the state of Baja California Sur in Mexico, the asphalted México 1 (Carretera Transpeninsular) includes what is said to be the longest straight stretch of road in the country: 169km (105 miles) without any turn. This stretch of straightness links the towns of El Médano and Las Barrancas. Read more.



8. US-136 E (USA): 164km (102mi)

US-136 E (USA)

Located around Heyworth, in central Illinois, the US-136 E is a paved road with no real discernable curves in 102 miles (164km) stretch of straightness.



9. Highway 50 (Saudi Arabia): 153km (95mi)

Highway 50 (Saudi Arabia)

Located in Saudi Arabia, the Highway 50 is an asphalted straight road running right through the desert for 153 km (95 miles). It links Dhalm (in Makkah Region) and Afif (in the Najd region). 



10. US-83 S (USA): 149km (92 mi)

US-83 S

Located on the border of USA and Canada, the US-83 S is 92 mile (149km) stretch with slight kinks that goes from North Dakota straight into Canada. The road is one of the best driving roads in the country. It’s asphalted and links Minot is a city located in north central North Dakota and the Lyleton border crossing station. Expect 1 h 38min to drive this section. 



11. Eire Highway (Australia): 146km (91 mi)

Eyre Highway is an asphalted highway in Australia, with a length of 1.675km (1,041mi), linking Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. It includes what is said to be the longest straight stretch of road in the country: 146.6 kilometres (91.1 mi) without any turn. For much of its length, it can be described as a long and lonely road. Read more.



12. SK-33 W (Canada): 141km (87mi)

SK-33 W

Located in the heart of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, the SK-33 W is 87 mile (141km) stretch of straightness near Regina. This asphalted road links Stoughton and Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Expect 1 h 22min to drive this section.



13. Ruta Provincial 26 (Argentina): 133km (82 mi)

Ruta Provincial 26 (Argentina)

Ruta Provincial 26 in La Pampa province in the center of Argentina, is a shortcut between Ruta Provincial 107 and Ruta Provincial 34. It’s 133 km (82 miles) without any turn. The surface of the road is gravel in good shape. Read more.



14. I-10 (USA): 131km (81mi)


Going through Phoenix to the California border in the USA, by the Interstate 10, is a pretty hairy adventure. Located in Arizona, United States, the I-10 is 82 miles (131km) of dead straight road outside Phoenix. Only in 2010 this portion of the highway saw up to 85 deaths. The road, with two slight corners over 80 miles, links Buckeye (in Maricopa County) and Brenda (in La Paz County). It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 1 h 14 min. It was built in 1990 and the surface is asphalted. You’re driving through a desert, so apart from the odd cactus or abandoned tumble-weed town you’re not going to see many people or petrol stations by the roadside.



15. SK-10 and SK-52 W (Canada): 131km (81mi)

SK-10 and SK-52 W (Canada)

Located in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada, the SK-10 W and SK-52 W is a 104km (64.6 miles) stretch of straightness around the area of Yorkton. The road is asphalted.