What are the highest roads in Europe?

While a signpost at the base of Col de la Bonette boldly declares it as 'the highest road in Europe' at 2,802 meters above sea level, this assertion stands corrected on several fronts. The claim emanates from a two-kilometer-long teardrop-shaped loop encircling the Cime de la Bonette peak, which sits at 2,860 meters. Although this loop represents one of the highest paved through routes in the Alps and across France, there exist other mountain passes in Europe that surpass its altitude.

Highest roads of Europe

In this journey through the continent's soaring landscapes, we'll venture beyond Col de la Bonette to discover and unveil the roads that truly claim the title of the highest, inviting you to explore the breathtaking heights reached by these winding mountain roads

Mountain Road Elevation Country Surface
Mount Elbrus 5,642m (17,919ft) Russia Gravel
Gobba di Rollin 3.911m (12,831ft) Italy/Switzerland Gravel
Gara-Bashi Station 3.883m (12,739ft) Russia Gravel
Terskol Ice base 3.675m (12,057ft) Russia Gravel
Pereval Balyk 3.525m (11,564ft) Russia Gravel
Testa Grigia 3.471m (11,387ft) Italy/Switzerland Gravel
Gök Dağ 3.417m (11,210ft) Turkey Gravel
Llanada del Mulhacén 3.408m (11,181ft) Spain Gravel
Mount Samdi 3,400m (11,154ft) Turkey Gravel
Pico del Veleta 3.369m (11,053ft) Spain Asphalt
Hakkari Dağları 3.340m (10,958ft) Turkey Gravel
Theoudulpass 3.336m (10,944ft) Italy/Switzerland Gravel
Mount Erciyes 3.330m (10,925ft) Turkey Gravel
Kara Dağ 3.308m (10,853ft) Turkey Gravel
Gül Tepe 3.304m (10,839ft) Turkey Gravel
Seyithan Gölü 3.298m (10,820ft) Turkey Gravel
Mount Ararat 3.297m (10,816ft) Turkey Gravel
Hohtälli 3.274m (10,741ft) Switzerland Gravel
Kırkamber Tepesi 3.238m (10,623ft) Turkey Gravel
Aladaglar Nat. Park 3.232m (10,603ft) Turkey Gravel
Col des Ruillans 3.231m (10,600ft) France Gravel
Pointe du Bouchet 3.229m (10,593ft) France Gravel
Mount Artos 3.225m (10,580ft) Turkey Gravel
Mount Sadzele 3.225m (10,580ft) Georgia Gravel
Collado de Carihuela 3.209m (10,528ft) Spain Gravel
Cime de Caron 3.182m (10,439ft) France Gravel
Yedigöller 3.173m (10,410ft) Turkey Gravel
Gaisskarferner 3.168m (10,393ft) Austria Gravel
Col du Jandri 3.165m (10,383ft) France Gravel 
Soganli Daglari  3.161m (10,370ft) Turkey Gravel
Büyükejder Tepesi 3.155m (10,351ft) Turkey Gravel 
Mount Tetnuldi 3.149m (10,331ft) Georgia Gravel 
Pereval Mukhinskiy 3.148m (10,328ft) Russia Gravel
Karakaya Hill 3.148m (10,328ft) Turkey Asphalt
Hohsaas 3.146m (10,321ft) Switzerland Gravel
Mount Mussa-Achitara 3.141m (10,305ft) Russia Gravel
Doğu Anadolu Gözlem. 3.139m (10,298ft) Turkey Asphalt
Ushba peak 3.137m (10,291ft) Georgia Gravel
Monte Chaberton 3.131m (10,272ft) Italy/France Gravel
Passo del Madriccio 3.123m (10,246ft) Italy Gravel
Mount Etna 3.120m (10,236ft) Italy Gravel
Col de Thorens 3.118m (10,229ft) France Gravel
Collado El Lobo 3.115m (10,219ft) Spain Gravel
Hüdavendigar Dağı 3.111m (10,206ft) Turkey Gravel
Unterrothorn 3.109m (10,200ft) Switzerland Gravel
Aladaglar Nat. Park 3.109m (10,200ft) Turkey Gravel
Akçaağıl Gölü 3.107m (10,193ft) Turkey Gravel
Refugio Villavientos 3.094m (10,150ft) Spain Gravel
Pik Terskol 3.092m (10,144ft) Russia Gravel
Olgunlar-Hüngamek Rd 3.090m (10,137ft) Turkey Gravel
Aladaglar Nat. Park 3.089m (10,134ft) Turkey Gravel
Col du Plateau Rosa 3.088m (10,131ft) Italy Gravel
Uzungöl 3.087m (10,127ft) Turkey Gravel
Pirreşit Dağı 3.086m (10,124ft) Turkey Gravel
Nebırnav Yaylası 3.078m (10,098ft) Turkey Gravel
Tekfur Tepesi 3.075m (10,088ft) Turkey Gravel
Bellecote 3.071m (10,075ft) France Gravel
Koç Tepesi 3.069m (10,068ft) Turkey Gravel
Pic Blanc 3.067m (10,062ft) France Gravel
Refugio la Caldera 3.053m (10,016ft) Spain Gravel
Baltaş Tepesi 3.047m (9,996ft) Turkey Gravel
Im Hinteren Eis 3.030m (9,940ft) Italy Gravel
Grande Motte 3.030m (9,940ft) France Gravel
Koçbaşı Tepe 3.028m (9,934ft) Turkey Gravel
Wurmkogl 3.023m (9,917ft) Austria Gravel
Tahir Gediği 3.022m (9,914ft) Turkey Gravel
Rifugio Pirovano 3.018m (9,901ft) Italy Gravel
Gaislachkogel 3.018m (9,901ft) Austria Gravel
Aladaglar Nat. Park 3.010m (9,875ft) Turkey Gravel
Col Montée du Fond 3.007m (9,865ft) France Gravel
Çamlıyayla Road 3.005m (9,858ft) Turkey Gravel
Col du Bouchet 3.004m (9,855ft) France Gravel
Ziyaret dağı 3.002m (9,849ft) Turkey Gravel
Ala Dağlar 3.001m (9,845ft) Turkey Gravel
Aygır Gölü 3.001m (9,845ft) Turkey Gravel
Col de Caron 2.996m (9,829ft) France Gravel
Karabet Geçidi 2.994m (9,822ft) Turkey Asphalt/Gravel
Col del Sommeiller  2.993m (9,819ft) France/Italy Gravel
Col de Rosael   2.993m (9,819ft) France Gravel
Mount Kudebi 2.991m (9,812ft) Georgia Gravel
Passo dei Salati 2.988m (9,803ft) Italy Gravel
Mount Mevzi 2.984m (9,790ft) Turkey Gravel
Yıldız Gölü 2.979m (9,773ft) Turkey Gravel
Cima Bianca 2.977m (9,767ft) Italy Gravel
Mutkogel 2.972m (9,750ft) Austria Gravel
Karagöller lakes 2.972m (9,750ft) Turkey Gravel
Bogovatchosgele Pass 2,972m (9,750ft) Georgia Gravel
Palovit-Trovit Road 2.971m (9,747ft) Turkey Gravel
Inferno Mürren 2.970m (9,744ft) Switzerland Gravel
Col de l’Herpie 2.970m (9,744ft) France Gravel
Danakıran Road 2.961m (9,714ft) Turkey Gravel
Pivazok Tepesi 2.957m (9,701ft) Turkey Gravel
Kobi Pass 2,956m (9,698ft) Georgia Gravel
Çirmaniman Yaylası 2.954m (9,691ft) Turkey Gravel
Aiguille de Péclet 2.951m (9,681ft) France Gravel
Yalın Dağ 2.950m (9,678ft) Turkey Gravel
Furggen 2.949m (9,675ft) Italy Gravel
Grand Col 2.939m (9,642ft) France Gravel
Col du Piéfroid 2.937m (9,635ft) France Gravel
Col des Lessières 2.936m (9,362ft) France Gravel
Pic Château Renard 2.936m (9,362ft) France Gravel
Gornergrat 2.934m (9,625ft) Switzerland  Gravel
Köse Dağı 2.932m (9,619ft) Turkey Gravel
Mount Tendürek 2.928m (9,606ft) Turkey Gravel
Demirkapı-Ballıköy rd 2.927m (9,603ft) Turkey Gravel
Çalyan Tepe 2.913m (9,557ft) Turkey Gravel
Passo Platigliole 2.908m (9,540ft) Italy Gravel
Col des Gentianes 2.906m (9,534ft) Switzerland Gravel
Bulgurlu Dağı 2.905m (9,530ft) Turkey Gravel
Cresta Sobretta 2.901m (9,517ft) Italy Gravel
Cime Bianche 2.899m (9,511ft) Italy Gravel
Festkogl 2.898m (9,507ft) Austria Gravel
Palandöken Geçidi 2.897m (9,504ft) Turkey Asphalt
Artabil 2.891m (9,484ft) Turkey Gravel
Marsis Mountain 2.888m (9,475ft) Turkey Gravel
Rifugio Bella Vista 2.887m (9,471ft) Italy Gravel
Mont Malamot 2.885m (9,465ft) France Gravel
Obs. Sierra Nevada 2.885m (9,465ft)  Spain Gravel
Laghi Cime Bianche 2.885m (9,465ft) Italy Gravel
Cugnai Lift
2.884m (9,471ft) France Gravel
Glacier du Varet 2.883m (9,458ft) France Gravel
Col Becs de Bosson 2.882m (9,455ft) Switzerland Gravel
Alazani Pass 2,881m (9,452ft) Georgia Gravel
Col de la Chambre 2.879m (9,445ft) France Gravel
Corne de Sorebois 2.879m (9,445ft) Switzerland Gravel
Buvette d'Arolla 2.879m (9,445ft) Switzerland Gravel
Viderjoch 2.876m (9,435ft) CH/AU Gravel
Greitspitz 2.876m (9,435ft) CH/AU Gravel
Rif. Franc. Petrarca 2.875m (9,432ft) Italy Gravel
Abano Pass 2.864m (9,396ft) Georgia Gravel
Palinkopf 2.863m (9,393ft)  CH/AU Gravel
Grubengletscher 2.862m (9,389ft) Switzerland Gravel
Polot Tepesi 2.862m (9,389ft) Turkey Gravel
Collado las Yeguas 2.859m (9,379ft) Spain Gravel
Parpaner Rothorn 2.857m (9,373ft) Switzerland Gravel
Observat. Pico Veleta 2.856m (9,370ft) Spain Asphalt
Col de la Bailletta 2.852m (9,356ft) France Gravel
Klukhori Pass 2.851m (9,353ft) Russia/Georgia Gravel
Schwarzsee 2.850m (9,350ft) Austria Gravel
Cima Ciantiplagna 2.849m (9,347ft) Italy Gravel
Güzeldere Geçidi 2.847m (9,340ft) Turkey Gravel
Mont de la Chambre 2.844m (9,330ft) France Gravel
Koruklu-Kolludere Road 2.843m (9,327ft) Turkey Gravel
Gletscherexpress  2.842m (9,324ft) Austria Gravel
Bivacco Carmagnola 2.840m (9,317ft) Italy Gravel
Samistal plateau 2.838m (9,311ft) Turkey Gravel
Mamisoni Pass 2.836m (9,304ft) Georgia/Russia Gravel
Latpari pass 2.834m (9,297ft) Georgia Gravel
Arete de Sorebois 2.834m (9,297ft) Switzerland Gravel
Güldağı Tepe 2.834m (9,297ft) Turkey Gravel
Laghi di Cedèc 2.833m (9,294ft) Italy Gravel
Ötztal Glacier Road 2.830m (9,285ft) Austria Asphalt
Breche Grand Creux 2.830m (9,284ft) France Gravel
Rifugio Madriccio 2.828m (9,278ft) Italy Gravel
Devedağı Tepesi 2.821m (9,255ft) Turkey Gravel
Alaca Dağ 2.814m (9,232ft) Turkey Gravel
Roc d'Orzival 2.814m (9,232ft) Switzerland Gravel
Weinflaschenkopf 2.813m (9,229ft) Austria Gravel
Col de Lauzun 2.809m (9,215ft) France Gravel
Rif. Duca Abruzzi 2.809m (9,215ft) Italy Gravel
Cime de la Bonette 2.806m (9,206ft) France Asphalt
Grubenkopfbahn 2.806m (9,206ft) Austria Gravel
Monte Jafferau 2.805m (9,202ft) Italy Gravel
Köse Dağ 2.804m (9,199ft) Turkey Gravel
Col du Lac Blanc 2.803m (9,196ft) France Gravel
Forcella d’Entova 2.802m (9,192ft) Italy Gravel
Sex de Marinda 2.797m (9,176ft)  Switzerland Gravel
Fuorcla Spadla 2.796m (9,173ft) Switzerland Gravel
Col dés Ves 2.793m (9,163ft) France Gravel
Pointe de la Masse 2.790m (9,153ft) France Gravel
Bellevarde 2.783m (9,130ft) France Gravel
Carosello 3000 2.783m (9,130ft) Italy Gravel 
Monte della Neve 2.779m (9,117ft) Italy Gravel
Mount Nemrut 2.779m (9,117ft) Turkey Gravel
Col de Fresse 2.777m (9,110ft) France Gravel
Monte Motta 2.776m (9,107ft) Italy Gravel
Heimischgarten 2.770 m (9,087m) Switzerland  Gravel
Col de l'Iseran 2.764m (9,068ft) France Asphalt 
Güzeldere Geçidi 2.763m (9,064ft) Turkey Asphalt
Col d’Entre les Tetes 2.760m (9,055ft) France Gravel
Karagöl 2.759m (9,051ft) Turkey Gravel
Passo dello Stelvio 2.757m (9,045ft) Italy Asphalt
Puig Falcó 2.754m (9,035 ft) Spain Gravel
Dikenli Dağı 2.751m (9,025ft) Turkey Gravel
Einzeiger 2.751m (9,025ft) Austria  Gravel
Kaunertal Glacier Rd 2.750m (9,022ft) Austria  Asphalt 
Col de la Met 2.750m (9,022ft) France Gravel
Palet 2.749m (9,019ft) France Gravel
Col de Viraysse 2.746m (9,009ft) France Gravel
Lac de Céma 2.745m (9,005ft) France Asphalt
Col Agnel-Agnello 2.744m (9,003ft) France/Italy Asphalt 
Col de Chassoure 2.739m (8,986ft) Switzerland  Gravel 
Kitzsteinhorn 2.738m (8,982ft) Austria  Gravel 
Col la Vallée Étroite 2.735m (8,973ft) France Gravel
L'Aiguille Percée 2.732m (8,963ft) France Gravel
Punta Bagna 2.730m (8,956ft) France Gravel
Colle Bettaforca 2.728m (8,950ft) Italy Gravel
İkizkaya Tepesi 2.726m (8,943ft) Turkey Gravel
Pico Teide access 2.725m (8,940m) Spain Gravel
Tobamızga Lake 2.720m (8,923ft) Turkey Gravel
Col de La Madeleine 2.716m (8,910ft) France Gravel
Roche de Mio 2.716m (8,910ft) France Gravel
Col de la Bonette 2.715m (8,907 ft) France Asphalt
Platta de Grevon 2.715m (8,907ft) Italy Gravel
Rocher du Charvet 2.712m (8,897ft) France Gravel
Rifugio Pizzini 2.706m (8,876ft) Italy Gravel
Col des Vaux 2.705m (8,874ft) Switzerland Gravel 
Vallon de la Fournache 2.703m (8,868ft) France Gravel 
Zeyrek-Aşağı Ö. Road 2.701m (8,861ft) Turkey Gravel 

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Pic: Alexandr Demidov