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The 15 longest straight roads in the world

Twisting and winding roads offer a thrill, painting memories of adventurous journeys. However, when it comes to sheer efficiency in connecting point A to point B, nothing beats the allure of a straight stretch. Dive into our list showcasing the world's most unwavering roads, where the journey is as straight as the destination.

Crossing the 197 most spectacular bridges in the world

Over the years constructors have built bridges in all shapes, sizes and heights. Here are some of the most breath-taking bridges, from remote places around the world – guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Driving the 25 highest roads in the world

Determining the highest road on Earth is an arduous task, primarily due to the ambiguity surrounding the term 'road' itself.

Navigating the World's 34 Most Iconic Hairpinned Roads

The world is replete with picturesque routes, where roads snake up and down majestic mountains, offering breathtaking views and heart-stopping challenges. These roads, with their tight, winding turns, mirror the twists and loops of hairpins, and thus aptly named - hairpin turns. 

Highest roads of Europe

A signpost at the foot Col de la Bonette makes the claim "Col de la Bonette - Restefond, 2.802 m above sea level, the highest road in Europe". But this claim is incorrect for several reasons.

Las 24 carreteras más altas del mundo

Resulta muy difícil determinar cuál es la carretera más alta del planeta, ya que es imposible establecer qué se entiende por carretera. Es un puerto de montaña que sólo puede conducir un conductor experto con un coche adaptado, o es un camino que puede hacerse en bicicleta o motocicleta únicamente o tenemos que ceñirnos estrictamente a un punto que puede ser conducido por un conductor normal con un vehículo normal? Por tanto, resulta muy difícil determinar qué significa la carretera más alta del mundo.

31 Breathtakingly Scenic Roads: Exploring the World's Most Picturesque Highways

There are millions of roads running across the Earth. And driving on most of them is a necessary step to get from Point X to Point Y. But that's not the case along the stretches of pavement chosen by the dangerousroads.org users. So fasten your seatbelt, because you're in for a spectacular ride.

Driving the 12 longest roads in the world

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest road in the world is the Pan-American Highway. The road spans 29,800 miles from Prudhoe Bay in North Alaska to Ushuaia, in Argentina. The United States boasts of some of the world’s longest highways. 

List of countries by traffic-related death rate

This list of countries by traffic-related death rate shows the annual number of road fatalities per capita per year and per vehicle-km in some countries in the year the data was collected.

49 Unmissable Coastal Drives: Discover the World's Best Scenic Routes by the Sea

Driving can be one of the most relaxing activities. Spanning from California to Australia, sometimes the journey really is the destination. A relaxing scenic drive down winding coastal roads can be really therapeutic.

5 unusually dangerous -and 5 especially safe- places to drive

Thinking about hitting the road on your next vacation? Be careful out there. Not every country (or state) has the same safety standards that you may be used to. We spanned the globe and found five places where you might want to stay off the streets — and five places that are exceptionally safe.

Driving the 19 highest paved roads of the Alps

The Alps are a mountain system located in south-central Europe, to the immediate north of the Mediterranean Sea. They extend for almost 700 miles in a crescent shape from the coastline of southern France (near Monaco) into Switzerland, then through northern Italy and into Austria, and down through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro - then ending in Albania on the rugged coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

Ghostly Highways: A Journey Through the World's 20 Most Haunted Roads

Across the globe, from the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the serene countryside of England, there are roads that resonate with eerie tales and haunting legends. Ghostly hitchhikers, phantom children, spectral soldiers, and mysterious women clad in white have been said to wander these roads, leaving a trail of chilling encounters in their wake.

Top 10 worst places to drive in the world

We are constantly bombarded with data about the most dangerous roads in the world. But where are the worst cities to drive a car? If you're thinking about planning an international road trip with friends, you may want to consider skipping the following destinations.

World's record highways

A highway is any public road or other public way on land which has two or more lanes per direction. The first highway was built 175 years ago.

A decade of our favorite Google Maps fuckups

Google Maps launched some years ago, on February 8, 2005, and it's become the gold standard for apps that help get you from point A to point B. But it's also the greatest prank platform ever designed. Here are some of the best deliberate (and non-deliberate) ways that Maps has been borked over the last years.

Navigating the Extremes: A Journey on the 8 World's Northernmost Roads

Embark on an extraordinary journey, venturing where few have dared to tread. Imagine roads so remote, they touch the fringes of our planet, almost reaching the North Pole. When driving these roads, preparation is key. Ensure you're equipped with a sturdy vehicle, ample food and water supplies, matches, warm clothing, and sufficient fuel. These roads, situated in the extreme north, aren’t just pathways; they're gateways to unparalleled adventures.

Traversing Tides: The 10 Most Iconic Periodically Flooded Roads Worldwide

Across the globe, certain roads present a unique challenge, being inundated not once but twice daily by the relentless high tide. As the tide recedes, it often leaves behind a treacherous trail of slippery seaweed, making these routes particularly perilous.

34 Roads You Need To Drive Before You Die

These are some of our favorite roads around the world. This will not be an objective list and we’re probably forgetting many, but... it's a good way to start. This list is not in particular order of importance/preference and isn’t meant to be a best of the best roads list.

The world's most dangerous countries to drive

According to the World Health Organization's figures, this is the list of the world's most dangerous countries to drive. If you’re thinking of travelling abroad, then you might be interested in finding out which countries are the worst for driving in. Depending on those you think are the most dangerous, the reality may well surprise you.

The world's safest countries to drive

According to World Health Organization's figures, this is the list of the world's safest countries to drive.If you’re thinking of travelling abroad, then you might be interested in finding out which countries are the safest for driving in. Depending on those you think are the most dangerous, the reality may well surprise you. 

The 4 highest vehicular tunnels in the world

After years of work in rarefied air and frigid temperatures at more than 4.000m above the sea level, the tunnels on this list are engineering marvels sure to impress anyone. Sadly, hundreds of websites misinform about the world’s highest tunnels, claiming wrong records.

The 10 longest tunnels in the world

Tunnels are some of the most amazing marvels of engineering. But the world's longest tunnels are definitely not the place for a car to break down. The great breakthrough in engineering and construction has ensured infrastructure today with a high level.

List of left & right driving countries

The most important rule of the road concerns which side to drive on. The reasons for driving on different sides of the road are historical. About a 35% of the world population drives on the left. Most former British colonies drive on the left side of the road, whereas the United States of America, Latin American countries and European countries drive on the right.

Earth’s Lowest Elevations

The Dead Sea (that borders Israel, the West Bank and Jordan) is the lowest place on land that’s below sea level, at 1,360 feet. But dozens of land areas of the Earth sit below current sea level. The ten places with the lowest elevations are listed below. 33 countries have land below sea level.

Some famous bridges are creepy suicide magnets

Some famous bridges are creepy suicide magnets. They garnered the nickname of Suicide bridge due to the number of suicides and attempted suicides since its completion. Some of the bridges in this list have been the site of hundreds of suicides, most typically by jumping off and into the water or ground below. Due this fact, most of the bridges are erecting a suicide barrier.

The world's best road is in Portugal's wine region

Petrol heads, take note. The world's best road has just been announced. There are few things as thrilling as accelerating past breathtaking countryside views, and now we know where to find the most thrilling stretch of tarmac possible. The N-222 road from Peso de Regua to Pinhao in Portugal has been awarded the prestigious honour.

Crossing the 10 highest bridges in the world

This is the list of the world’s highest bridges, ranked by the maximum distance from the road of the bridge down to the ground or water beneath.

The 13 highest accessible towns by car on Earth

Sometimes we’re so high up in the mountains that we take a deep breath and it feels like we havent’ any oxygen left at all. Even in these conditions, human beings have adapted to a huge variety of conditions, living in sky-high elevations over 16,700ft above the sea level.

Driving the 16 highest roads of South America

Finding the highest mountain road in South America may also mean discovering some of the highest roads in the world. But in the South American Andes the situation is confusing like in the Himalayas and the results are often questionable and conflicting. Many high altitude gravel roads are particularly being reported in Bolivia and Chile. But all elevation indications vary greatly in different reports and you can actually not rely on them.