Importance Of Graphics Improvement In Online Slots

Importance Of Graphics Improvement In Online Slots

Oh, online slots, would the 21st Century be anywhere near the same without these glorious inventions? On a wide scale it is probably somewhat of a push to argue that these games really changed things in this century, however if you zoom in to the world of casino gambling it is pretty much impossible to argue against online slot’s ridiculous amount of influence.

It’s true, in little over a decade these games have become by far the most played out of all the modes of gambling one can enjoy these days, testimony to their simply intoxicating brilliance. It is also a testament to the online slot industry’s thirst for innovation, with developers such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Yggdrasil constantly setting the standard with their games, something other software developers also have to follow in order not to get left behind. As a player, you might also want to view the latest slot games and deals there are today.
You can see this at play in many parts of modern online slot games, be it the bonus features, thematic content or experimental approaches to the classic mode of gameplay. All this is true, however the biggest zone where we can see how hard the developers are working in the online slot market has got to be in the realm of aesthetics and graphics. How could it not be? Anyone who has been regularly playing online slots for the last decade will tell you that the graphics are the one thing that have improved above everything else – wonderful news for us gamblers, eh? But what really is the importance of graphics improvement in online slots? We suggest you read ahead to find out… 

The Pre-Graphics Days 

In order to get a well-rounded view of the importance of graphics in online slots, it is a good idea to go right back to the start of the story, and consider the pre-graphics days of slot machines. Funnily enough you couldn’t really say that slot machines had proper graphics until the 1980s with the emergence of video slots, so in reality slots have only actually had graphics for less than a fifth of their lives! 
Slot machines from back in the day were purely mechanical beasts, therefore meaning that any graphic displays were made of real life physical material. This would have looked quite nice, however there wasn’t much scope for inventiveness. 

History Of Video Slots 

But then along came video slots in the 1980s, a change that brought a lot more popularity to the overall slots industry. Is there any surprise there? Suddenly these games could get a lot more complex, with bonus rounds and features available that developers could only dream of prior. Video slots also looked a lot more appealing than their rudimentary mechanical cousins, an early example of how important graphic improvements can be to the slot industry. 
There is one piece of technology that was essential to the flowering of video slots, and without it they still wouldn’t exist, let alone online slots! The RNG – Random Number Generator – was the critical piece of the puzzle, allowing software developers to effectively digitalise slots, doing away with any mechanical pieces. 

The First Online Slots 

One thing that is absolutely true and cannot be argued against is the fact that, without the emergence of video slots, online slots would simply not exist. The doing away of anything mechanical was a crucial step in being able to make these games work online, so we have a lot to thank for the developers of the 1980s. Online slots became a properly viable alternative to classic land-based slot machines around about the turn of the century, with developers such as Eyecon coming through with games such as Temple Of Isis. 
These were exciting times for the slot industry, however one criticism that was often heard in relation to online slots at this time was the fact that aesthetically they weren’t very pleasing at all, especially with the computer gaming industry making big steps to make their products more visually enticing.  

Online Slots And Mainstream Gambling 

The problem that the embryonic online slot industry faced was that the graphics available to them just weren’t up to scratch, especially when somebody could play a better looking game in a casino slots hall. This wasn’t all the fault of the developers either, because in the those still quite early days of the fully commercialised Internet it was very hard to make good looking slot games with the tools available. 
Humans are good at innovating, however, and it didn’t take long for things like HTML5 to come along and enable slot developers to make much better looking slots. This paved the way for online slots to properly enter the mainstream gambling sphere, something they very quickly became the top players in.

Importance Of Graphics For Online Slot Themes 

It is around this time that we properly noticed how important the graphics can be to a good online slot title, particularly because of their ability to bring a good theme to life. As the online slot industry got more and more saturated people started paying special attention to the thematic quality of these games, and it was often the more novel games that ended up being the most popular. 
But, of course, a wicked theme will mean next to nothing if it hasn’t been rendered very well, one of the main reasons why graphics have become so important. Just look at Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for instance, do you really think that would have been so popular if it were not for the scintillating graphics on offer? We’re not so sure. 

Virtual Reality Online Slots 

Looking to the future, online slot graphics are only going to get more important, mainly because of the very real possibility of virtual reality games entering the market. In fact, this is already happening, and the graphics are one of the only things stopping VR slots from becoming the next big thing.
It is hard, because in order for virtual reality to really work at its best the graphics have to be almost lifelike. Exciting times ahead!

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