How Passing Microsoft 70-740 Test Using Exam Dumps Will Help You Build Your Network Administrator Career?

How Passing Microsoft 70-740 Test Using Exam Dumps Will Help You Build Your Network Administrator Career?

In a successful organization, a network administrator is a vital position. That is because the company needs an individual to handle its network, and perform other important functions such as installing and upgrading software and servers, working with server storage and data deduplication, implementing VM settings to mention a few.

In this position, you need to be an analytical, critical, innovative, efficient, and multi-skilled problem-solver. The best way to get such skills to become a professional is by obtaining a certification. Microsoft is a leading IT corporation that provides a wide range of fundamental, associate, and expert badges. This is according to the Certification Program issued in 2019. Although, some earlier credentials are still valid and can be obtained now one of them is the MCSA Windows Server 2016. But you should know, that Microsoft retires certifications that have become outdated and replace them by new ones.
One of the previously issued credentials that you can earn now if you wish to become a computer network administrator or computer systems administrator is MCSA: Windows Server 2016. To gain it you need to pass three exams and the Microsoft 70-740 dumps test is one of them.
Apart from this first test needed for the credential, you must also sit for two more tests (70-741 and 70-742).
So, still, our area of interest is 70-740 exam, let’s see what kind of challenge it is.

Microsoft 70-740 Exam Overview

This exam contains 40-60 questions of different formats such as case studies, active screen, drag, and drop, build a list, hot area, and multiple choices among others. Note that you won't know the exact number of questions and their types before the test. You’ll have 2 hours to complete all the questions in 70-740 exam and to pass it you need to score a minimum of 700 points. To take this exam you’ll have to pay $165.
This exam is for those candidates that are skilful to use Windows Servers in host and compute environments, who are able to work with Hyper-V, Windows containers, storage solutions, HA (High Availability), and who are proficient in completing tasks related to server environments.
In this post, we’ll help you understand how passing the Microsoft 70-740 test will help you shape your career as a network administrator.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-740

As 70-740 exam is the initial move towards the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential, there are some benefits of obtaining it:

  • Official Credential of Competence

Once you pass all the three tests, you will receive the official confirmation from the vendor. As a leader in the IT industry, Microsoft is a prestigious company recognized internationally. Passing the Microsoft exam 70-740 and the other two lead to the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification that helps you stand out among other job seekers for the same position. This boosts your value and also the chances of getting hired, as the majority of companies will choose candidates accredited by Microsoft first of all.

  • Prove That You Want to Learn

Once you take a course and complete the Microsoft 70-740 test, you display your determination to a specific career path. It indicates that you are a hardworking and ambitious individual who can set goals and achieve them. Acquiring new skills implies that the organization you are working for or the one you want to work for will be able to find solutions through you in case they encounter challenges in the future. Thus, obtaining the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential would be helpful.

  • Boost Confidence

By passing this test as well as the other two and getting the certification, you’ll boost your confidence. You’ll become self-reliant in your capabilities to work and complete the roles that deal with Windows Server 2016 efficiently and quickly. Don’t underestimate this aspect since it can define your future.

  • Increasing the Profitability of Investment

From the commercial point of view, there is a huge investment in passing the Microsoft 70-740 exam to get effective, qualified and competent training. These investments are lucrative since they reduce the time that a professional needs to complete a task and fulfill others in a shorter period. This reduces the downtime an organization requires to repair a system or solve any issue related to Windows Server 2016. This way, the productivity of the company increases steadily.

  • Improves Your Value

After getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential, the technician becomes a valuable asset to the organization they’re serving. Note that a certified professional is more valuable to the organization than a non-accredited employee This value is reflected in performance, compensation package and other benefits.

  • Encourages Career Growth and Leads to High Salary

Passing 70-740 exam is the first step in getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential. The badge is important since it contributes to your successful future. According to PayScale, if you’re a computer network specialist or network systems administrator you can get an average salary of up to $74,000 annually. Moreover, after being MCSA Windows Server 2016 certified, you can opt for the MCSE Core Infrastructure badge and apply for such job positions as an architect or information security analyst. In this case, you are eligible for the salary of about $94,000 per annum.

  • Chance to Work Anywhere in the World

Microsoft is a trusted corporation in the entire world. It offers credentials that are known internationally. Having the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification allows you to work abroad since the accreditation is accepted by employing organizations throughout the world.
To achieve all these benefits your aim is to pass all three exams and of course the first of them is 70-740 test. What you need is to be well-prepared for it. Nowadays, you can find a lot of valuable material that will allow you to take it with flying colors.

Exam 70-740 Preparation

The better you are prepared - the better results you’ll get. To assist you in this tough process, here’s the list of options and sources to choose from:

  • Instructor-led training by Microsoft
  • Microsoft 70-740 Book from Microsoft Press Store
  • Optional books at Amazon website

Besides, you can opt for other options that will assist you with the test such as:

Video Tutorials

There are different types of videos online that are related to the Microsoft 70-740 test. The majority of them are tutorial footage that will assist you to understand all the topics. Some of them offer tips for passing the test while others are created by previous candidates who sat for the exam and are giving out personal experience. All these types of videotapes are valuable in your preparation process.

Exam Dumps

Exam dumps have become popular. Once you enter the test code in the search bar, you will get a lot of exam dumps. They have gained tremendous popularity because they help you test your knowledge in a short span of time. However, you must be aware of untrustworthy sites that offer outdated material. We offer you to check one of the reliable platforms such as that offers a wide collection of exam dumps for Microsoft 70-740 test. They are the considered to be the most valid and updated ones, as some are uploaded by the recent exam-takers (these are free), some are checked by IT experts (such are known as premium files). Since the files at PrepAway are provided in ete format, they are opened on the ETE Software which simulates the real exam environment and makes your prep process interactive and effective.


If you are looking forward to work as a computer network specialist or network systems administrator, get ready to pass the Microsoft 70-740 exam. This will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits after passing the test and getting a certification. The advantages including acquiring skills, better salary, and career advancement would add a lot to your career. The exam is the best approach if you want to be successful in the tech sphere. Exam dumps are a great example that practice before exam ensures a successful result. Make sure you use reliable web resources, such as PrepAway biz and the most updated materials.

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