The history of online slots

The history of online slots

Online slots are nothing short of a sensation. 

The online slot machine has quickly become one of the most popular, most accessible and most creative formats of online slots gambling, as thousands of titles are out there to choose from these days across a range of different online casinos. Competing with the massively popular online casino community and wealth of people who enjoy betting on sports like horse racing, boxing, football and more, the slot game really is holding it’s own amongst the generally thriving nature of online gambling. It is perhaps no surprise for those who know the history of the slot game. 
Invented back in the late 19th century by Charles Fey, an American inventor from California, his mechanical creation offered 3 reels with 5 different symbols on, and was eventually picked up by Liberty Bell. Liberty Bell became iconic in the gambling industry and are the reason why a bell is still a staple of many slot machines even today. 
From his mechanic creation to the invention of the electronic slots that were loved by the so-called one arm bandits of Las Vegas casino halls, the slots came a very long way. Then came the video slot and now, the online slot that we know and love. But how did the online slot come about and what is the history of online slot machines? 

1990s Slots Machines

Like so many technological advancements, the internet really made it’s way into our homes for good in the 1990s. 
It was a era of massive branding on everything, baggy clothes, hip-hop and, for people of a certain age, simply the best kids TV. Meanwhile, the adults were realising the potential of the online world and this is when online casinos begun to emerge, 
You might expect, the first online slot games were very simple, very rigid and for the most part, very slow. And don’t expect to be able to play these whilst your mum is using the phone line, for dial-up connections were all the rage back then. 

2000s Slot Gaming

Moving into the new millennium, there was a boom with everything internet-based. The new online world was growing by the day and sites like Google, Ask Jeeves (remember him?) and MySpace started to prove that there was money to be made online, too. Online slots were amongst those starting to thrive in this new land of eCommerce and a advancement in HTML and code writing led to new, more glitzy looking slots. 

2010s Online Slots

Into the present world and so much has changed. The internet is not only infinitely faster, but it is so much more accessible than it was ever imagined prior to those days in the 2000s. 4G connectivity has high speed internet everywhere, meaning that the new wave of smartphone functional and optimised slots are playable on the go. This has led to a huge boom in popularity, meaning more money now goes into the production of online slots. They have come a long way.
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