Best Online Slots For 2019

Best Online Slots For 2019

As history progresses and time slowly passes us by all manner of things in this crazy human world we have created develop and expand into things even more fascinating. It is the blessing and the curse of technology after all, suddenly there is no limit to how far we can go as a species.

One of the best examples of this in the modern day is the mind-blowing world of online slots, a sphere in which technology seems to get better with every passing month. And anyway, with a market as competitive as this one there’s no surprise that developers are constantly seeking to make their titles even more impressive. With this in mind, remember you can find more of the best slots at the previous link.

Narcos - one of the best slots?

The online slot world is rich with games that take a particular film, TV series or historical epoch as a theme, and Narcos is no different. For anyone that doesn’t know, Narcos is a smash-hit Netflix series dealing with the escapades of one of the most notorious drug barons to ever walk the earth… that’s right, it’s Pablo Escobar.
He reigned terror over Colombia over the 70s and 80s, whilst simultaneously popularising cocaine all around the world and making a ton of profit in the process. In many ways he is the perfect character on which to base an online slot, and the people over at esteemed Swedish developer NetEnt cottoned on to this. Give those reels a spin and you could just end up with as much money as the late Escobar…

Golden slots - the best to play for 2019

With a name like Golden you may think that this slot is preoccupied solely with the extravagant and incredibly reliable metal, but that would be missing the point. You know why? Because Golden is actually all about the magnificent rooster, a clever move by NextGen Gaming that ties in with the Year of the Rooster.
This game is about so much more than its theme though; for a start the aesthetic attention detail is stunning, really making this slot a fun one to play regardless of whether you win or not. However, due to the incredibly impressive 97.22% a win is never too far away when spinning this 5 reel 3 row slot game.

Pollen Party

The title alone is enough to give any serious hay fever suffers a pretty seriously scary shock – nobody wants a runny nose, sneezing fits and itchy throat whilst playing slots! Luckily though this game is actually far more focussed on the marvellous bee kingdom than just pollen alone, so it should be great fun for anyone involved.
Life without bees is a life that isn’t worth living, and this online slot exemplifies this fact perfectly. Those bees are a generous bunch as well, because Pollen Party has more than enough special symbols and features. Land a few scatters, for instance, and you could be in with a chance of acquiring at least 12 free spins! And there’s more, because during this round you could also win a variety of even more tantalizing prizes!