5 Great Ways to Become a Travel Blogger

5 Great Ways to Become a Travel Blogger

Who is a travel blogger? Would you like to become one? Most people cannot imagine travelling while blogging. But yes, it is possible to travel while blogging. There are many successful travel bloggers across the world. And this is enough proof that you can do it too if you want to.

A travel blogger is someone who actively shares interesting stories of his or her travels in his or her blog or site. Becoming a professional travel blogger entails two important things. First, you should be generating some income. There are several ways to generate an income through your blog; the most popular being ads and freelance writing. 
Secondly, you should be in it for the long-term. Why? To become a professional in anything takes time. To write interesting and captivating blog posts takes time. Do you remember the first blog post you published? Can you compare your writing style then and now? Definitely, there is a huge difference. To get to where you are today has probably taken a couple years. 
If you do not do a lot of travelling, it is possible to become a travel blogger. “How?”, you may ask. Do you have a blog or a website? Do you publish articles regularly about travel? You are a travel blogger. 
So, how can you become a successful travel blogger? Today, we shall discuss five great ways you can be a successful travel blogger.

1. Discover what you love

Becoming successful is not entirely based on how much money you can earn. It’s more of doing what you love to do on a daily basis. Doing what you love is life. Doing what you hate is the high road to failure and dissatisfaction in life. Blogging is not as easy as most people think. Especially when starting out. In the beginning you will not be generating an income. In case you do, it will be very little. If this is the case, how will you keep on keeping on with no money? Yes, by doing what you are passionate about or using cheap writing services. When you write about a topic you are passionate about, you do not really care whether you get something in the end. You just want to offer your time and energy in helping others without any expectations. If you do this for a while, your blog will thrive. Successful travel bloggers are specific about their area of specialization. Discover your passion and build your blog around the subject. You will be successful in the end.

2. Choose a Name for Your Blog

The name of your blog will play a crucial role in positioning yourself from day one. Take your time and think of a good name. Most bloggers take less than an hour to name their blogs and this is a mistake. The name you choose should match with other crucial factors such as your brand and objectives. You also want a unique name that your potential readers will remember. Being unique will give you an edge over other blogs.

3. Start your blog

To start your blog, there are several easy ways to do this ranging from using platforms that are free such as blogger to independent platforms. If you are a beginner, it would be best if you use an independent platform. The most popular independent platform around the world is WordPress. An independent platform can be recognized by the name which is something like yourblogname.com. A blog created using a free platform like Blogger is something like yourblogname.blogger.com. There are a lot of online organizations whose responsibility is to help you register quickly and get your site or blog running. Using a great platform will help you in article customization and search engine rankings.

4. Write well

Keep writing on a regular basis if you want to increase traffic. You do not have to post every single day. But make sure you post something in a week or two. Writing well involves ensuring your sentences and paragraphs are flowing in a logical manner. Make every word count. Always proofread your work at least three times before posting. 

5. Everything is about Content

To be a professional blogger in any field, quality content is everything. Do not just write something to meet for the sake of writing. Write something great! Write something that will inspire others. Always have a blog content strategy in place. Remember, no one reads poor content twice.


Successful bloggers are readers. Read books and the works of the bloggers you admire. You will learn a lot. Do not just learn but also put to practice what you learn in your articles every day. Learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up every time you fall.  If you follow these five tips, your success will be predictable. Start today!

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