Enhance the beauty of your home with smart skylight shades

Enhance the beauty of your home with smart skylight shades

Skylights offer a natural way to light a room while keeping heat and excessive light out. Most skylights are equipped with a cord and this might be a problem if the ceiling is too high to reach. To be able to control the lights in your home, you should install smart motors. This enables you to raise, lower, or schedule when the shades operate.

Smart shades are functional in the following ways:

  • They allow and block light
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Prevents loss of heat
  • Provides security and privacy.

Using smart technology to control the opening and closing of blinds is very convenient. Smart skylight shades open and close when you command them to and allow you to set a temperature range that shouldn’t be surpassed.

Factors to consider when purchasing smart skylight shades 

1. Style.Your style is very important in the selection process and should affect lighting.

2. Functionality. You need blackout blinds if too much sunlight enters your room during the day. Bathroom blinds should be made up of synthetic materials like PVC or aluminum to ensure it doesn’t crack or warp due to extreme moisture and heat conditions.

3.Device compatibility.

i. Controlled by a Smartphone app or home speaker.

These shades communicate with your device on the internet by connecting to the WIFI. It allows you to control the opening and closing of the shades with a remote control or in some cases through a voice assistant. You can set your device to close the blinds or shades when the temperature reaches the threshold limit.

ii. Controlled through remote control

The remote control may be voice-activated and allows you to open and close the shades several times in a day automatically. They are cheaper thanthose controlled by a Smartphone app and home speaker though they are not controlled by Google Home or Alexa.

Smart shades enable you to hide and reveal the hidden qualities only shown by natural light in a room. It helps you to enhance the décor of your home. Consider the durability of the shades and how they fit since they provide adequate light and heat absorption properties. Skylight blackout smart shades block out the sun and lower the energy bill due to absorption. Cellular shades have a high-grade heat absorption making them ideal to reduce excess heat from entering through the skylight.

Types of motorized skylight shades

a. Cellular shades.

It has pleats that allow muted and diffused sunlight to enter the room creating the right atmosphere.

b. Blackout shades.

They help to block out sunlight and harmful UV rays. These shadesare available in different fabrics ranging from sheer to blackout. This enables you to achieve a soft light filter or total darkness.


A skylight enables you to access natural light in a room while keeping excess heat and light away from your home. It is important to consider the style you are going for. The embroidered fabric when matched with the color of the décor and furniture enhances the beauty of your home. You should consider functionality and style when choosing the best skylight shades.

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