3 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Travelling

3 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Travelling

Everyone loves to travel to new and exotic places for vacation, work, or even maybe spending some time as a transfer student. There is just so much to see out in the world that is different from the culture and ideas that you will find in the places that you grew up.

Now unfortunately due to the terrible Covid-19 pandemic, travel has been at the bottom of people's priority lists. So, it will be even more contrasting for them when they are able to! The difference from being stuck in your home to being out and about in a new and fresh place would be astounding!

Maybe you are an American who traveled to the East. The culture and way of life are going to be vastly different for you. While you may be used to loud and rude people drinking and carrying on, in the east, you might find a more calm public atmosphere.

The same thing is true for a northerner who travels south on a trip. People who live in warmer climates just tend to be calmer and more “chill”. This is funny because you are the one who came from a cold environment!

Nevertheless, there are some amazing lessons you can learn from traveling the globe. And no, you can’t say you’ve traveled if you digitally went somewhere like an online casino South Africa.

Although you can learn a lot from the internet about different places and peoples, it is just simply not the same as traveling on your own to these places. First-hand experience can truly never be beat even as good as technology is nowadays at connecting us.


Most people who travel from a wealthy nation are probably more likely to go to another wealthy nation than a poor one. However, this is a mistake if your aim is to travel to learn about yourself and “find” yourself.

Growth comes when we face difficult challenges, or learn things that cause us to reflect on our own lives and who we are as people. Therefore, it is worthwhile for many people to travel to places that may be a little out of their comfort zone.

Maybe try and go to places that are not as fancy as you are used to. Travel around parts of Central or South America. Or, if you would prefer something a little more east, then you can travel around in India, or maybe some places in China or Russia.

Going to places that don’t have the same ideas (For example Western culture versus Eastern culture) will help you learn about the world and could even help you learn about yourself. But what can we learn from a trip to a “rough” place?

Well, you can certainly learn thankfulness and maybe a bit of humility. Be thankful for all the things you have. There are some places that don’t even have drinkable tap water yet some people can complain and carry on about not having the latest smartphone.

By putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who may be less fortunate than us, we force ourselves to shift our perspectives. We can look down from above and say to ourselves, “Who am I, and what is my place in this world?”

People who come from wealthy nations such as many parts of Europe, Japan, Korea, the USA, and other places truly don’t understand the struggles of people around the globe. They can’t understand what it is like to have to worry about when your next meal might come rather than your kill death ratio in a video game.

So, take a minute to truly be thankful. Thank your luck in life for being born into a home where you are safe. Thank God for all the food and wealth that you have been given. Be thankful that you don’t have to ask yourself “When will I eat,” but instead you look in the refrigerator and can ask, “what will I eat?”


In today's day and age, we westerners have become fat because of the richness of modern society. We live lives of excess and waste that would make our ancestors' eyes bug out.

We spend our time searching for means of entertainment, and many people can’t even go a couple of minutes on the toilet it would take to finish your business without bringing along their phone to keep them entertained.

This is not the best or the healthier way a human can live their life. Humans are meant to be social and free creatures. Instead, we have limited our attention spans and metaphorically chained ourselves down with our dependence on our things.

If you took away the average person in a wealthy western country's smartphone for even a day, they would probably go nuts! We are so used to constantly talking on our phones and texting or browsing social media that it's hard to know what to do with ourselves when we don’t have that.

This is where I think travel can teach you a valuable lesson about minimalism. There are so many people around the world who live with so little, that it can be really life-changing to learn about life from them.

From brothers or monks of monasteries or temples that purposely limit their worldly possessions, to people who are just simply not well off enough to have a lot of things, they have a lot they can teach about what we need and don’t need.

Obviously, I can’t teach or explain the value of such things in a short text post, but I can give a bit of an overview and show you a new way to think about your possessions, what you throw away, and what you truly need.

So, look all-around your house. Every single one of your possessions. Think about why you have that item. Think about whether you really need a specific item.

If the answer is yes, then you have to think about whether you really need that item to live, or only need that item to be happy. If the answer is you don’t truly need it to live, then maybe you should think about what it does in your life.

I am not saying that you should just throw away all of your stuff and sit on the floor with nothing in your home except a single bowl, a spoon, and eat porridge all your life. That is not good for you either.

We shouldn’t throw away the luxuries of modern society, we just must not become dependent on them. It is okay to have things in your life except the bare minimum to survive. However, you should seriously consider getting rid of those things that you would be better off without, even if you think they make you happy.


Finally, a wonderful thing you can learn while on your travels is how to feel God’s presence. Simply by looking around and exploring the wonderful world, he brought into existence, you can grow closer to Him and all that He stands for.

Experience the beauty and wonder of His creations! True faith can come by just looking around and learning about the world around you. The complexities of everything and the perfection of how every little thing falls into place.

You could also learn new ideas about faith from foreign people. Different cultures have different ideas and values. This means their outlook on the world and what it means to be spiritual and Godly could be different.

It is certainly worthwhile to talk with these people and see what their ideas are. At the end of the day, you can always decide you don’t agree with them. It would just be a waste if you didn’t learn from the most amazing of God’s creatures; humanity.

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