The Most Dangerous Casino Highways in Pennsylvania

The Most Dangerous Casino Highways in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is full of highways and roads that that serve commuters, residents and businesses within and outside of the city. In total, the Kingstone state has 12000+ miles of road coverage used by hundreds of thousands of road users every day.

With so many drivers, roads and intersections, accidents happen regularly. In this article, we’ll explain the most dangerous highways in PA, more so roads that lead to busy entertainment joints like casinos.

Route 291—Leads to Harrah’s Philadelphia

Route 291 is a 14-mile stretch that runs from Delaware County in the East to South Philadelphia in the west. It’s a four-lane highway used by tens of thousands of drivers that work in the industrial section of the southwest. It moves through urban homes and businesses as it heads north.

Crucially, route 291 also provides access to Harrah’s Boulevard, the intersection that leads to Harrah’s Philadelphia. Past the casino, route 291 leads to Philadelphia before joining Interstate 76 in South Philadelphia.

Thanks to having four lanes in most parts, route 291 serves Philadelphia and the neighboring counties smoothly all year round. However, it has some section, especially the junctions joining route 95, 76 and 322 known for regular accidents.

Route 378—Leads to Wind Creek Casino

Unless you live in Bethlehem, Route 378 is the main highway leading to Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem. Of course, you can always play casino games online. Pennsylvania allows it and has so far permitted 12 online casinos.

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Back to route 378, it stretches for nine miles from Center Valley to Northampton. That means you don’t have to worry so much on the highway if you drive carefully in the stretch leading to Bethlehem.

It features few junctions anyway. However, they are notable junctions because they are the busiest sections of route 378. The junction at US 22, for example, serves drivers from Ohio and New Jersey. The junction at PA 309 is also crowded sometimes but mainly from traffic within the state.

Route 743—Leads to Hollywood Casino

Route 743 is a 24-mile highway that runs from Elizabeth town in the North all the way to Marietta in Lancaster County. It’s one of the busiest roads in PA despite passing through some large sections of farmland.

That’s because of the road’s many junctions, some known for being accident hotspots. The junction in the North end, for example, is pretty busy as it routes drivers heading from Ohio to New Jersey.

Another dangerous junction is the intersection with route 81, one of the longest highways in the country—stretches from Tennessee to New York for 854 miles, including 232 miles in PA. Fortunately, once you cross the busy junction, route 743 leads you to rural areas in the north and a short distance from the Hollywood Casino.

Interstate 79—Leads to meadows Racetrack and Casino

Interstate 79 is a 324-mile stretch that runs from Charleston, West Virginia to Route 5, an interstate that connects PA to New York. Route 79 is a high-traffic road that serves commuters in the metropolitan areas of Pittsburgh, Morgantown and Charleston.

Although mainly flat, the Raymond P. Shafer highway has some curvy stretches along hills and ridges in the Keystone state. These curves are its most dangerous parts even in rural parts. That said, Interstate 79 rarely features deadly accidents, but it has accidents nonetheless.

If you’re planning to visit the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, you might have to use Interstate 79 up to Pittsburgh. After that, you take a different route leading to Southwest of the city and 25 miles to get to the casino.

Route 326—Leads to Casino Lady Luck

Route 326 is a relatively short 23-mile highway in Bedford County. It’s mainly a two-lane beautiful road that runs through agricultural lands. It features some notable curves as it heads from South to North, moves through forests, woods and rural homes.

Against that backdrop, it’s hard to believe that this route, which leads to Flintstone Rocky Gap and Casino Lady Luck can be dangerous. The areas to avoid are the junctions linking the road in the north and the south.

Also, Route 326 is prone to fallen trees and crossing animals, especially at night. So, should you drive to one of the casinos near Bedford County at night, watch out. The road’s curves might seem like a threat, but they tend to attract accidents in the woody areas.

Route 376—Leads to Rivers Pittsburgh

Route 376 is an 84-mile highway that connects several cities in Pennsylvania. It branches from route 80 in the north and runs downward to route 76, the highway that connects the Keystone state to Ohio.

Highway 376 is a high-traffic road with over 20,000 cars ferrying people and goods throughout Pennsylvania. It’s also an important road for people that want to visit Pittsburgh-based casinos like Rivers and Meadows racetrack and casino.

Although Parkways East is largely safe, it’s jam-packed with cars along the Squirrel Hill Interchange. Naturally, this also attracts regular accidents, mainly tall trucks that get stuck under the tunnel roof.

Fortunately, there are numerous routes to get around Pittsburgh. These include tunnels like Fort Pitt and Armstrong Tunnel. Of course, there’s also the subway for people that want to avoid dangerous roads entirely.

Route 95—Leads to Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Route 95 is an Interstate highway from Miami to Houlton, Maine. It runs through Philadelphia, and it’s popular with people driving to the city’s most famous casinos like Rivers—formerly Sugarhouse Casino.

Being a long road, Route 95 has some dangerous stretches prone to alcohol and bad-driving related accidents. The Delaware Expressway stretch, for example attracts up to 16 crashes every year, often with an equal number of deaths.

Like many roads within Philadelphia, the main danger behind Route 95 is high-traffic. That means a great way to avoid this is to drive during the day or later at night, the time when there’s little traffic in the busy sections. The alternative is to use other roads or the subway to get to your favorite casino.

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