Famous Computer Games Based on Roads

Famous Computer Games Based on Roads

If you are like many people, there's a chance your fascination with roads involves more than driving. You probably watch YouTube videos about the most sophisticated highways. Or you regularly read on how some of the most dangerous roads were built.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best online games to play to experience the thrills of varying roads. Some of them take you through curvy, off-roads. Others keep you on racetracks to drive as fast as you can. Still, some give you the chance to drive and make money at the same time.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is the perfect game for people who enjoy driving dangerously with little to no consequence. In fact, this game also lets you engage in drive-by shootings, take down police helicopters, and own mansions.
It's one of the most video games of the last decade, and that's not just because it's a realistic game. GTA V is a blend of many things. You can drive carefully and finish missions without wrecking your cars. Or you can choose to be a violent criminal who engages in police battles left, right and centre.
Grand Theft Auto can be played online on your PC or console. Or you can play it offline when you don't necessarily want to compete with others. Graphics-wise, it's a pretty demanding game, so make sure you have a device designed to handle advanced games.

Euro Truck 2

Euro Truck 2 is an oldie, but it's a goodie. There's no violence; you can drive at crazy speeds, and traffic tends to be minimal. But this game gives you a detailed guide throughout Europe as you deliver cargo using trucks.
You start with a single truck in your garage and build your way up to the top of the food chain. Then you can own garages throughout Europe, make thousands of euros daily and traverse all major roads on the continent.
On the downside, Euro Truck is a pretty formulaic game. Sure, you might enjoy driving on different roads and visiting multiple European cities. But they are not realistic cities, cars and environments. And that means the game can get mundane quite fast.

Slot Games like Route 777

You know slots are big business when there’s a racing game based on Ellen DeGeneres’ life. Then there’s a developer (Betsoft) that gives out Tesla’s latest cars from time to time. But can you really step on the road with video slots?
Well, video slots work differently from video games. Let’s illustrate using Route 777, a game whose trailer gives an impression of taking on a trip through a beautiful road. It’s a simple three-reel game.  It has decent graphics, 17 paylines and lets you bet between twenty cents and $100.
There’s no steering wheel, bike or car to simulate driving in Route 777. But the game takes you on a journey through Route 777. On the way, you’ll come across a gas station, cacti, and towers. Winning meanings triggering a series of symbols that appear randomly on the reels.
Top-rated slots have more features and payout at higher rates than Route 777. You can view some of them at bestcasino.co.uk/slots/. Interestingly, they have five reels instead of three and many more paylines.

Dirt Rally 4

Dirt Rally 4 is based on the kinds of roads every Ford FIAT driver would consider dangerous. There are no signs of tarmac in this game. The weather changes constantly and sometimes you have to drive through forests, near cliffs and roads some off-road vehicles can’t traverse.
The beauty of Dirty Rally 4, however, is that it has all the ingredients of an exciting game. It was designed for people who enjoy challenging driving. It features stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, powerful cars and excellent controls.
When it comes to competitions, Dirty Rally 4 presents numerous beautiful cities, hundreds of snaking roads and tons of challenges. With more than 100 cars, there are no shortages of vehicles that suit your driving style.

Forza Motorsport 7

Some computer games are so realistic and engaging that they leave you wanting to simulate what you did in the game with your car. Forza Motorsport 7 is a befitting example. Armed with over 700 vehicles, 32 roads and dynamic weather, the game takes you through a wide range of trails and environments.
You can skip some races to drive through your favourite city. Or you can shift gears to try off-road driving. Beware, though, things can get tough as competitions stiffen. You might run out of cash for upgrades, and your vehicle will become incapable of winning tournaments.
Luckily, the kinds of cars in Forza Motorsport 7 aren’t speedsters you can get bored to drive. They are a mix of the latest racing vehicles: BMW Isetta, McLaren MP4, Porsche 918 and the classic Camaro series, to name a few.

Need for Speed: Rivals

Is NFS a game about driving or escaping police? It’s hard to tell, considering most games in the series are a blend of both. In Need for Speed: Rivals, helps you unleash the racer in you. It features fictitious roads and cities, but they are all top-notch in quality.
In true NFS spirit, however, it doesn’t take long before police cars begin to trail you. So, if you don’t have a great car, expect to be cornered frequently. In contrast, you can drive for hundreds of miles while forcing entire police departments to chase after you. And in turn, you get more points and upgrades for new vehicles.

Driver: San Francisco

This game gives you a peek of what it feels to drive through both ends of San Francisco as a police officer. That means it’s more than a driving game. Instead, it also incorporates cop missions like chasing down fugitives, stopping robberies and competing online.
There are 140 cars to choose in this 2011-launched game. They include speedsters like Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Shelby.  There are also powerful luxury vehicles like Hummer and four by four trucks.

Credit: eurotruck.com

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