Best Driving Games to Cheer You Up

Best Driving Games to Cheer You Up

Sharing memes, binging Netflix shows and solving puzzles is great but nothing causes an adrenaline rush like a thrilling ride in a supercar. Whether you are racing in the streets, off roads or F1 circuits, a good driving game can cheer you up even in the loneliest of times.

Speaking of lonely times, most people are self-isolated or minimizing movements. That means you might not have your friends to play games together but you could race online. That said, we’ve curated a list of top racing games you can play alone or with friends online. So, let’s jump in…

Forza Motorsport 7

Armed with 900 cars, 100 manufacturers, 32 locations and visuals so stunning that they are beyond belief, Forza 7 is a game both critics and fans cherish. Every aspect of the game is built with careful attention to detail, from the dynamic weather to the quality of cars.
You can play Motorsport 7 offline and develop your career mode. Or you could hit online tracks to test your racing skills against players from all parts of the world. Beware the career mode involves winning to earn upgrades or having to spend money for them.
 All the same, Forza 7 is a game you can be confident will cheer you up whether you are alone at home or amid your friends. If you play it and happen to dislike it, though, there's a chance you are not into racing games. It is that good.

Rocket League

So, you love European football but there are no games on TV? Check out Rocket League and you might love it so much that you could consider playing it professionally. That’s right, you can build a new career around Rocket League.
In the eSports space, Rocket League is one of the most popular video games. Some people play it on Stream to showcase their skills. Others compete through tournaments to earn lucrative rewards when the win.
At its core, Rocket League lets you play soccer using rocket-powered cars. You can play solo versus the computer or team up with three more drivers to make a lineup of 4v4 people.
What makes the game exciting, though, is its level of absurdity. First off, cars in Rocket League can climb on walls and stay on ceilings briefly. They can make insane passes and execute impressive shots.
What's more, when you win, you can activate any number of ludicrous celebration styles: a dabbing grim reaper, children cheering, a T-Rex dinosaur breathing fire or glitzy color and soundtracks to name a few.

GTA Online

No, GTA Online wasn’t developed as a racing game. But if you have ever played it, there’s a chance you noticed its racing components. You play against one individual through regular roads all the while avoiding police blocks and dodging oncoming traffic. Or get into an F1 race track and compete in an exclusive racing environment.
If you get tired of racing, you can get back to completing missions like drive-by shootings, looting or airlifting mob bosses. Beyond cars, you can use aeroplanes, boats or race with horses.
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F1 (2019)

Mercedes might have dominated the 2019 F1 season, but they are not invincible in the video game. That’s because Codemasters developed the game to be a level playfield for all F1 teams.
Fairness aside, the game features exceedingly realistic graphics, an F2 league and all of the sports’ top-rated active drivers. Unlike GTA Online, F1 concentrates on motorsport racing entirely.
It has a story mode akin to FIFA 20’s the Journey that lets you follow the career growth of two specific drivers. You don't get to experience some of their lifestyles at home like in FIFA, though. With F1, it's all about the cars, drivers and race tracks.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Off-road racing is an exciting yet often underrated genre of driving games. Perhaps it's because there are no fancy tracks, skyscrapers, urban music soundtracks, police chases or crimes to solve.
Still, driving a rally car on a muddy road while it rains is the ultimate challenge. Usually, there’s someone giving you crucial codes to help you navigate the all-weather roads. But you can escape frequent skidding, getting off track and being overtaken by more experienced drivers.
Dirt Rally 2.0 is a product of Codemasters, so it features the top-notch graphics and attention to detail you’ll find in F1 (2019) cars. The game’s offline mode is pretty simple, but the online version is a different story as you race against human drivers.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars is one of those games that immerse you so much into the action that you can barely concentrate on anything else. That said, this is not a game for casuals. It’s built to impress dedicated gamers who can race competitively to level up your career.
Of course, you can also hit into online action to race against drivers from around the world. But given how much of a challenge it is to drive Project Carss vehicles, you want to practice before you sign up for races.

Gran Turismo Sport

Grand Turismo shares this fact with Forza 7: there were developed with realistic driving in mind. They feature stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. They have fleets of cars to choose from and a level of competitiveness you can only find at top tier sports.
That said, Gran Turismo is a spectacular game for both casuals and ultimate gamers. It’s challenging and can be played online. What’s more, it’s an excellent alternative to F1 (2019).

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