How To Have The Ultimate Road Trip To Kibo Hut?

Kibo Hut is a high mountain hut at an elevation of 4,750m (15,520ft) above sea level, situated in the Moshi District of the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. It’s one of the highest roads in Africa.

Kibo Hut

Where is Kibo Hut?

Situated on the northeastern part of the country, near the border with Kenya, within the Kilimanjaro National Park, the hut serves as the last camp on the Marangu route, often referred to as the Coca-Cola Route. Positioned on the southeastern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, within the Kibo volcanic cone, the hut is a stone-built blockhouse featuring a small dining room and several dormitory rooms with bunk beds and mattresses for 60 people.

How long is the road to Kibo Hut?

Nestled in the midst of a desert resembling a lunar landscape, the road to the summit is entirely unpaved and extremely steep. Originating from Marangu, the ascent covers a distance of 36.5 km (22.68 miles). Over this stretch, the elevation gain is 3331 m, with an average gradient of 9.12%. It is not suitable for normal cars.

How challenging is the road to Kibo Hut?

Exercise caution for signs of altitude sickness while driving, especially if you have respiratory or heart conditions. The high elevation presents a notorious lack of oxygen, testing the body with steep grades. Altitude sickness can affect individuals at around 2,500-2,800 meters, and the summit has approximately 40% less oxygen than at sea level. This leads to increased pulse rates and more laborious movement. The combination of altitude sickness risk, weather challenges, steep road grades, and overall inaccessibility makes the pass dangerous and summit trips challenging.
Pic: Shao Yo Ming