How to navigate the challenging C103 Road in Kenya?

The C103 Road offers a demanding drive situated in the Coast Province of Kenya.

C103 road

Is the C103 Road unpaved?

Located in the southeastern part of the country, the C103 Road is predominantly unpaved, with a few paved sections on the eastern side.

How challenging is the C103 Road in Kenya?

It's not ideal for long-distance travel, as substantial parts are rough and often in poor condition. A 4x4 vehicle, low speed, and experience are essential. Drive only during daylight hours due to a considerable amount of reckless driving.

How long is the C103 Road in Kenya?

Stretching 460 km (285 miles) from Malindi, a town on Malindi Bay, to Namanga, a town divided by the Tanzania-Kenya border in Kajiado County, the road requires payment of park fees in the various parks along the route.